Olean, NY, Gone to the Squirrels?

Yesterday, we decided to meet my parents and brother in Olean, New York. My brother’s birthday is today, so we celebrated yesterday. Happy Birthday, Randy!

We accidentally took the wrong exit off the Southern Tier Expressway, ending up having to drive through the city. As we went through, I noticed “squirrels” placed throughout the city streets. After meeting my family for lunch, I told Mark and my family about the squirrels. At first, they thought I was “nuts”, but afterward, they all saw them, too!

Before we left the area, I needed to photograph these chipper little critters. In poking around on the web, I discovered these were being sponsored by area businesses, schools, and organizations to help raise money for the city’s Historical and Preservation Society. They are pretty cute, and certainly add a little pizazz to the streets!

I tried to upload these pictures last night, but for some reason, the network kept kicking me off, so I present them now! Without further ado, let me introduce the “Woodland in the City” creatures! (there are supposed to be 14 of the squirrels, but these are the most prominent ones that I found.) Too bad I didn’t have my computer to look up the info, as there are actually Google maps on where to find them!

*** please note: if you click on many of these pics, they will enarge to full size….IF you have any idea why ALL do not do that, PLEASE leave your thoughts in the comments!!! Greatly appreciated!”***

This little fellow is called “Sir Pennywise” an happens to be at home in front of Community Bank, NA

This brightly painted squirrel is deemed “Squirrelinksy”.

Starry Night Squirrel with Benjamin!

Decoupaged squirrel “Artour O’Quick”.

Care to guess this fellow’s name? If you said “Ronald McSquirrel”, you are 100 percent correct!

Yes, this is “Lady Justice”, complete with blindfold, and scales in hand, er…paw! She also is the most highly recognizable squirrel with her…..um, “pecs”?

“Country Folk Squirrel” is a pretty fellow painted black with a faux gold overwash. He had pretty country scenery (folk style, of course) painted on his back!

“Enchanted Mountain Squirrel” sits in the front lawn of a memorial (gravestone markers) business. He is amongst the cutest of all! He has an oak tree growing on his chest, and has features such as an acorn nose and chickadee eyes!!! Very colorful and I love the oak leaves all over his body!

“Olean Patriot” sits proudly in front of a wonderful old-fashioned hardware store. He is dressed in camoflauge, has decals decoupaged on his tail, honoring the four branches of armed services (Army, Marines, Air Force, and Navy) and is complete with part of the American flag on his tail!

So, there you have it, nine of the fourteen squirrels of Olean!