What Ever Happened to Relaxing Weekends?

Well, perhaps that isn’t the right question. Perhaps I should be asking why did I marry a man whose list of projects (far) surpasses my own? I used to tease that Mark would make a great project engineer, as, if the company he worked for ever ran out of jobs, he could invent a whole new list! I usually don’t mind extra activities, but sometimes I just want to do some things I want to do!

Ah well….Mark kept the kids busy today….not so much me!

I made a really great dinner with a recipe for a cauliflower side dish. It was really easy, and the result was a casserole that tasted very much like scalloped potatoes. Michelle can be picky, but she gave me kudos for the “best cauliflower, ever!” Ah, accolades every now and then are so rewarding, eh? The greatest reward was, however, an empty dish at dinner’s end!

I had planned to take a lot of pictures today, but it just didn’t happen….

So, here is one that is a bit blurry, but kind of cute……

See the tiny little chipmunk hiding in the weeds? You can see the stripes on its back on the left side of the picture, and a little black eye peering through the greenery!

This is one of the peonies in my front lawn. They need to be transplanted to a sunnier site, but I keep forgetting to do this! These peonies are really special, as my dad gave me the plants, and he got them from his mother, my grandmother. She passed away in 1972, so these plants always remind me of her. I waited all afternoon, until the sun was shining *just so* on this plant. The photo is just as I took it with no “doctoring”.

Tomorrow promises to be a bit easier, as we are traveling to meet my parents and brother, as it is my brother’s birthday on Monday! I love traveling in the truck, so I look forward to these days.

Happy Sunday to all!