Prettying Up the Bristolwood

Last night, we had to go out for a bit. We have been thinking we might want to replace our hot water heater when we redo the kitchen, as it is 15 years old. When we spoke to a serviceman, he told us that hot water heaters are one of those appliances that can go in about 10 years.(more or less) He also told us that when they do go, well, they usually leave their homeowners with a big mess! After having an icemaker fail a couple of years ago, I never want to see another flood in the house again!

While we were out last night, we decided to look at water heaters at Lowe’s. I saw that a water heater with a .8 rating would be eligible for a $300 tax credit, so I wanted to take a look at the tankless heaters. They run a little more expense wise, but save energy in the long run. They also are supposed to have a longer life than the tank models. Unfortunately, Lowe’s was a bust, as there was no literature and no one was around to talk about the water heaters.

As we were making our way to leave, I told Mark I would like to visit the garden center before we left. I used to always hang several baskets of flowers on the front porch for the summer; since Mark’s injury, I have been so busy with other things, I forget about flowers. So, as we looked around at all the colorful baskets and plantings, we decided to buy some.

This is a terrible picture, but the basket has Lobelia, tiny petunias, and a single Marigold!

I love Fushias so much, and these pink and white are my absolute favorite! I had seen a basket last week at Wegman’s, but at $19.99, I just didn’t think I could spend that much on a single basket. I am glad I waited, as Lowe’s were less. Even though the basket isn’t real huge, there are lots and lots of buds, so I know it will get bigger and fill out more.

Mark spotted this New Guinea Impatiens and I thought it was so pretty, too! Once again, this is small, but I know it will increase in size. Last year, I had one of these on the porch, and a silly Junco built a nest smack in the middle! I witheld water for weeks to the point where the thing looked so sorrowful….I actually blogged about it last summer!

I think these are Dianthus. It makes me upset when plants are sold without ID tags. I can never remember the instructions, so I leave the tags in a kitchen drawer until I figure them out! This little planter struck both Mark’s and my fancy. It is just so pretty and *happy* looking!

The one thing we left without was a fountain. I saw one that I had admired in the store last year. It is rather simple one , but Mark said we need to think on it some more. I would love to have a water feature so hummingbirds could enjoy it, as well as other birds!

After our Lowe’s experience, we stopped at Wegman’s so I could grab some fresh produce. This is where I always get ours, as they seem to have the freshest produce of all the stores. As Michelle and I walked toward the store, they had so many colorful flowers in front of the store.
I just *had* to take a look.

As we perused, there were signs saying their big hanging baskets were $9.99. The price marked on them was $19.99. I looked and looked…….

When I saw this basket, it *really* caught my eye! The bright yellow daisies were just so very outstanding! AND, this basket had a sign poked into it saying it was the lesser price! I hung it on the shopping cart and Michelle giggled as I shopped throughout the store, pushing the cart with my elbows locked straight out in front of me!

This basket is hung on a shepherd’s hook our neighbor fashioned for us a few years ago. It is bolted onto the back deck, and this big basket (almost 2 feet across!) is just so very perfect out there. The cheerful yellow flowers contrast so splendidly with the lush green hill behind the house!

Here is a closeup of the daisies. You can see how bright and beautiful they are!

This morning, as soon as my feet hit the floor, I raced downstairs and out the door. I stopped long enough to water all the new plants, then made my way to the garage. I was feeling rather smug about mowing the lawn before the sun came up! I had placed a latex glove on my hand with the injured finger so no dirt would get in.

I am a bit different in that no matter how hot I get, I do not sweat. Instead, my face glows an almost dangerous red color, and I feel overwhelmed by heat. (this is the reason why I am not fond of summer at all) Anyway, I think I may have discovered the secret to making myself sweat! When I completed the lawn, I anxiously removed the glove to discover my hand was so wet from sweat, it was dripping!!! Now, all I need is a latex *suit*!

This is a photo I took this afternoon of our cozy little porch, nestled snugly in the trees!