Fish Fry Friday!

OK, so when we went on our little camping excursion, we were not too far away from the home of my parents. We were excited about seeing them, and getting together to have some fun!

My brother had taken off the week to help paint my parents’ home, so my dad and brother worked during the day, but we were able to get together for some time in the evenings. This was so much fun, and I cannot think of a better way to visit! By staying in our camper, we would not impose on my parents at all. Although my mom is one of the most gracious hostesses I have ever met, I love staying in the camper so Mom isn’t stuck with tons of laundry to wash, nor dishes piled to the ceiling!

So, on Friday night, my parents invited us to the Rod and Gun Club they belong to. This is a REAL highlight, as this particular club serves the most delicious haddock meal on Friday nights! I have never been a big fan of fish, but this fish is so mild and tender….thinking about it is making my mouth water!

We met for dinner and, once again, the meal was beyond description! What is even more appealing is the fact that as we left, the bill for our four dinners (all haddock) AND sodas, came to less than $33.00! Believe me, this is not a place that you leave feeling hungry!

After dinner, we spotted many Canada Geese with their goslings in tow, walking near the lake. We decided that I had better grab my camera…..

I will never tire of taking photos of these pretty birds. I have always loved Canada Geese, although I am told that in some areas of the country, they have become a terrible nuisance, causing people to grow rather angry with them! Ah well….

As the sun edged nearer and nearer to the western horizon, this group headed westward, ho! Notice the second little one…it was so tiny compared to the other goslings. I am convinced this little one was no gosling at all, but rather, perhaps a little mallard duckling! I mean, HOW could that teeny tiny baby be a sibling to those others?

After leaving my parents’ home, we stopped at a supermarket to pick a couple of items. And, what should be *appearing* in the parking lot?

Yes, a dozen Mallards! What struck me most about this little band of beggars was that ten of these birds were male, with only two females. Hmmm….Anyway, I hadn’t noticed the ducks as I went into the store. However, when I returned to the truck, Ben was outside with them, throwing “breadcrumbs”? at them.

It was only after I crawled into the truck and we were on our way that Mark told me Ben had gotten into Michelle’s “doggie bag” and grabbed a handful of HER leftover fish to feed the ducks. Ben remarked that ducks *do* eat fish, after all!

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  1. Mikey said to give Ben the thumbs up for stealing his sisters fish. You’re right… these boys would along wonderfully! lol We should bring to the gathering and let them hang out.

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