A Grave Invitation

The small town where we live recently sent out a newsletter…town residents were encouraged to visit the “Founders’ Cemetary”.

With such a big to-do about it, I felt compelled to do so. I have always been rather intrigued by *antique* cemetaries. When I was younger, I used to love to go to the cemetary and see where the town founder was buried. It seemed so interesting to view the resting place of someone who lived so very long ago.

What I witnessed when I arrived at the cemetary was a *bit* of a shocking surprise! I guess I had expected things to be more neat and tidy….the picture above is my first glance!

As I had entered the road leading to this cemetary (a long drive looking as though leading to “nowhere”, located at the base of a huge hill) a familiar blue and yellow sign hailed anyone wishing to visit that the cemetary included folks buried from 1801, and several were from the French and Indian War as well as the Civil War. Interesting……

This is one of the early (1801) burials. The stone was so unique and elaborate compared to many of the others. The epitaph was rather humorous, as well:

“Behold and see as you pass by, As you are now so once was I. As I am now so you must be, Prepare for Death and follow me.”

Most all of the graves were overgrown and as I walked through, my ankles were snagged by brambles and stung as the skin was scratched by jagged berry bushes. Chipmunks abounded, running through the tall grasses, unseen! As I walked around, I was somewhat amazed that the town would so proudly announce the “Grand Opening???” of this somewhat forsaken area! It seemed so ironic that they would draw attention to such an overgrown, seemingly uncared for cemetary! I will say, however, that some effort is being taken to “rejuvenate” the area, as the road leading to the cemetary is quite elaborate when compared to the road we live on!

This last picture is of the new and modern gravestone of the town’s founder. Apparently, the town saw fit to spring for a proper grave marker. A few feet from this stone is a little stone, with the initials “GW” carved into it. I am thinking that must have been the original marker.

This was a pretty interesting little trip. I think I will probably visit again later this summer to see if anything is fixed a bit….