This is not amongst my best pictures, but I just had to laugh….Mark had recorded an Advantix commercial *just* for Angus!

This morning, Mark called me to come see….Poor little Angus; as soon as the scratching, itchy flea-ridden (hehehe) dogs came on, Angus went into guard mode….

As you can see, even a GIANT scratching Scottie is NO match for our little Angus Braveheart!

Why Today Should Not Have Worked Out!

This day turned out to be a fun day all around….and, logistically, it should not have been!

Last evening, I was feeling tired, so I went upstairs to lie down for a bit. I was semi-fading when I heard Mark yell my name. I pulled myself out of bed, grumbling, as I made my way downstairs. Why all the commotion?

As soon as I was downstairs, Mark hollered to me that Ben had vomited! Oh gads! If there is one thing I cannot tolerate, it is the smell or sight of vomit. I was so tired and miserable….how was I going to handle this? As I stumbled into the kitchen, feeling so upset, Michelle said *she* would clean it up! As remarkable as that sounds, Michelle has probably suffered through more stomach bugs than Mark, Ben and I put together.

So, my brave girl cleaned up the bathroom floor, (Ben missed the toilet!) saying it wasn’t so bad.
Well, he got sick one more time and then he was done. I went to the little store up the road and bought him some Gatorade, as Mark read on the internet that Gatorade is good for upset stomachs.

By the time I went to bed shortly after 10:30, Mark said Ben was beginning to feel somewhat better. Mark was determined he was going to sit up and watch Ben all night, as he was concerned Ben might be sick during the night. Finally, by about 1:30, Mark said Ben was laughing about things he saw on TV, so Mark finally was persuaded Ben was on the mend!

The only thing we can figure is that this might have been food poisoning.

This morning, I called Carly to cancel going to the Dachshund Parade, as I thought Ben might need some “down” time to feel better. No way. Mark and the kids thought I should go to the parade, as I had tenatively planned. I was a bit nervous about driving in the city, so Mark said he would drive. (he is from Rochester)

When we arrived at the festivities, Ben wanted to get out with me. I wasn’t sure this was a wise decision, but he insisted he felt fine! I spent a little more than an hour taking pictures, then it was time to go.

Ben and Michelle had been invited to a birthday party near Elmira late in the afternoon. We talked about whether the kids should go, and Mark told them we would have to go right from the parade. The trip to Elmira from Rochester was about 2 hours.

Ben hadn’t eaten since being sick, and while Mark told him he needed to take it easy, Ben insisted he was going to eat “regular food”! We bought him a Cinnamon Crunch Bagel from Panera’s, and he ate it with no problems. We spent some time just chilling out, then took the kids to the party at about 4:45.

Although Michelle had been invited to spend the night, we all decided to pick Ben and Michelle up at 8. They were agreeable. Mark and I spent some time eating and just relaxing in the truck before picking the kids up.

On the way home, Ben told us he had some pizza, chicken wings, and chips at the party. He bounced on the trampoline, played badminton, and had a great time. Although he said he was tired and would sleep on the way home, he remained fully awake until we arrived home at about 10 pm.

As I said, the only thing Mark and I can figure is Ben suffered food poisoning!

A Little Weinie Fun?

YES! Today was the annual Dachshund Parade in Rochester, NY. We all know that I am partial to Scotties, but this was an event that is just too fun!

As I wandered about, viewing what seemed like endless Dachsies, I was in total awe of the sights I saw! There were longhairs, wirehairs, smoothhairs, BIG dachsies, tiny dachsies, spotted, red, black and tan, black and white, dappled, and everything imaginable Dachshunds!
Instead of trying to comment, I am going to just display some of the over 300 shots I took this morning. Let me say that each one of these wonderful little companions seemed more loved than the next! In other words, these Dachshunds are terrific pets! I found myself giggling as I walked about, looking through the camera lens, discovering all the individual mannerisms, and yet, totally amazed by one commonality… matter where I turned, little tails were whipping back and forth like little perpetual metronomes!!! Happy little critters, these Dachshunds!

As I said, these are just a small sampling of the Dachshunds we encountered. I saw two different little “cart dogs” whose little rear legs were paralyzed and non-functioning. These little ones were just as loved and cared for as all the other little ones! I stand amazed and in awe of those whose hearts are so big that they take in these poor littles babies and love them to pieces. My hat is certainly off to them!
What fun this event was to attend!

A Little Scottie Fun!

If you happened to take a look at my “Wordless Wednesday” entry this week, you would have seen Angus intent on attacking the base of a big old oak tree….there was evidence that some rodent had been partaking of its sustenence in said hideout.

I almost used this sequence for my wordless entry, but decided against it, as the pictures were shot into the sun, causing them to be dark. Also, the photo above needed some “words” of explanation. Ben was with me, and he had “cookies” of the canine variety. He asked Angus to sit on the little tree stump in the picture. Angus was happy to oblige, however, he misjudged and in the picture, his tush was sliding off the stump! Undaunted, the tenacious terrier merely adjusted his posture, and being a very clever lad….

He decided to “sit pretty”, knowing full well that such behavior always wins him a cookie!!!

Wildflowers, Technology, and Having Fun!

The pretty wildflowers are making their debut here in the Bristolwood, and I love their splashes of color here and there. The little wood violets are such a gorgeous shade of purple. They are showing up all over the woods and I love their bright green heart-shaped leaves!

My favorite time to photograph flowers is in the evening as the sun is heading off into the horizon. There is something especially beautiful about the sun shining through the flowers and playing upon leaves. Here, the sunlight highlights the darker shade of lavender in this wild geranium.
Today was a hurried day, starting out with an appointment to have our little camper inspected this morning. Although Mark always likes to plan ahead to make sure things are going to run smoothly, we were unable to check the electrical system before hitching onto the truck for the appointment. Luckily, all systems were go, and we were off in good shape!
We dropped the camper at the service center and then were off to a large fabric store. Michelle and Ben are planning a rather *unique* outing! They have some other home schooled friends that they met at the teen skates they attend. These kids are planning to go to the opening night of the showing of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. The catch is, the kids plan to make costumes and attend the movie as pirates! We spent a good deal of time looking at patterns and fabric, finally picking out some suitable for a couple of pirates! So, Michelle is anxious to get started on sewing! What a fun idea!
After the fabric store, we went to a nearby tile store to get some more ideas for our kitchen remodel. We found some gorgeous 24″ square granite tiles that were simply terrific! While we were there, we got a call that the camper was ready so we rushed a little to get out of the store.
We will definitely be going back to this store, as they not only have tons of different types of tiles; they also have many displays highlighting various tiles in kitchen and bath settings. We were so excited to find this place, as the last place we visited, the guy was very negative and tried to make us feel incompetent of doing nearly any work ourselves!
Yesterday, we received delivery of our new kitchen stove! Am I excited? YES! Is it hooked up? NO! The delivery men from Sears aren’t allowed to do an LP Gas changeover, so Mark and I will do it ourselves. So, we also picked up the plumbing supplies today for that job. I cannot wait to try out the new stove, as it has a convection fan in it to help cook faster and keep food more juicy, and it also is self-cleaning. My old Magic Chef left with the delivery guys yesterday, and I was as thrilled to see that stove depart as I was last week when the old refrigerator made its way out of the house!
So, after we got home this evening, Mark and the kids were hungry. What to do, what to do….I cannot cook or bake, as the new stove isn’t connected yet. But wait! The camper!!! I made a quick trip out to the camper to turn on the gas….turned the furnace on (it was only about 38 degrees outside!) and turned the oven to 350 to preheat. I assembled the pizza in the kitchen, then took it to the camper and baked it! Mark was shocked….HOW can you bake in a little “camp oven”? Ah, I so love technology.
As the pizza was baking, I brought my camera out, along with my laptop. I decided to upload my pictures. As I worked, I couldn’t help but feel so drawn to my cozy little camper. So much so, that I told Mark and the kids “so long”, as I headed out to the camper with pillow and blankets in hand! Yes, Murphy and I are spending tonight in the camper! I so love it!
After uploading my pictures, I saw the battery was low, so I plugged in the charger and we are good to go! But, before I end, I just gotta show off my SD card for the Nikon! Mark knows I am easily dazzled by technology (I have earned the nickname “Technochick“) so he bought me this
SD card, called a SanDisk Ultra II Plus. 2 Gig.

I can upload pictures in my card reader, or! the little card folds in half……..

to expose its little USB reader! How cool is that? So, I can upload 2 ways with the card, as well as with a USB cable connected to the camera itself! Oh, I used the Olympus camera to take these last pictures just in case you might be wondering!

Isn’t technology GRAND?

Some Signs Just Make You Think

When Mark and I were looking at land to build our house, we saw some rather humdrum as well as very interesting things. One of those *things* is located not too far from our home……

Being the owner of a somewhat large imagination, this sign made my mind race into high gear. I so enjoy living in the woods and the fact that there are many, many acres of state lands nearby is quite reassuring that the woods will remain woods! However, I also know that in this woods there are are bears, coyotes, foxes, deer, as well as *other* animals. My UPS man, Bob, said that a man only about eight or ten miles from here showed him a photo he took of a mountain lion chasing a deer.

Now that my imagination has been sufficiently (re)fueled, my mind carries me back more than 300 years ago (that sign says that LaSalle was in this neck of the woods in August of 1669)….I have forgotten to add that where we live, one must travel at least six miles to find food (albeit very limited to pizza, subs and chicken wings) or gasoline! So…I cannot even begin to imagine the state of this land as Monsieur LaSalle was exploring it! No fast food, no modern transportation, no GPS…..only woods, American Indians, and wild animals roaming about. I do know that if one became lost in this area now, there is a strong possiblity that they could freeze to death or starve, although there is enough farmland nearby that they might find an open field to be seen and recovered.

Enough of my imagination for now. I only hope I was able to “ignite” yours! I don’t know if the springs there still *burn*, but if there was a small natural gas reserve, I suppose someone would have developed it long before this! There are, by the way, no gas wells located either in Bristol, nor any neighboring communities that I am aware of.

Here in the Bristolwood

This morning, I decided to take a little walk in the woods. I left the kids and the boys (Scotties) behind, as I was so hoping to perhaps see a little fawn in the woods. I have come upon fawns two or three times while walking, so it is a rare and treasured occasion. Unfortunately, I found none this morning. I did spot Doe, Re, Mi, and Fa grazing out in the front woods, but no babies there!

As I walked about in the woods, I was drawn to the areas of bright green foliage. The woods is filled with all sorts of new growth….grasses, ferns, (as pictured above) as well as mosses. The floor of the woods is mostly covered with brown leaves from last year, so the bright greens stand out, almost like neon colors.

This is the stump from an oak tree that Mark cut down several years ago. Just prior to our purchase of the property, this area suffered from a rather severe ice storm; there was 3/4″ of ice built up on everything. (This was in March of 1991) Many of the trees on the property fell over as the weight of the ice uprooted them. Mark was reluctant to cut the trees, but they were dangerously teetering in the air. Mark decided that since he had to sever the trees from their stumps, he would make a mill to cut the first 10′ of the trees into lumber. This way, he didn’t feel so guilty about harvesting the trees. Using them in their entirety for firewood struck him as almost sacrilegious. He and our neighbor fashioned a great sawmill (our neighbor is a gifted welder!) and Mark set off to work! Thus, we now have many, many board feet of red oak!

As I made my way down from the woods, I spotted my one of my little Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds on the feeder. I have been trying to get a picture, with no luck. I raced into the house and stood in front of the window, hoping against hope that I would be able to catch the little hummer. If only I had a telephoto lens with a smaller f-stop! Ah well, you can certainly see that this is a hummingbird, and you can see the white ring around its neck!

Yesterday, we celebrated Mother’s Day by meeting my parents and my brother at our favorite restaurant. We had to stand in line for more than an hour for a table, but as always, the food was so wonderful, and well worth the wait! The picture above is my Mother’s Day bouquet from Mark and the kids. The “vase” is a mug with the Buffalo Sabres logo on it. Which leads me to say….I have not spoken about round three of the playoffs as the Sabres are behind in both games played thus far. The first game, the other team (Ottawa) really did outplay us. It was as though the Sabres just didn’t have their feet! The second game, in my opinion, was won by Ottawa because of poor refereeing. I know, one might say I am biased, but so many people felt the same way as they watched the Sabres take illegal trips and punches. The Sabres are known for being a small and fast team. Unfortunately, most other hockey clubs look like giants, comparatively speaking…

More Geese!

Today, we took the kids to one of their favorite places…Darien Lake Park and Resort. I think that is the name now. It was previously Darien Lake Six Flags. Anyway, it is an amusement park, and the kids love it so! We left the house this morning around 9:30, thinking our lightweight sweaters and jackets would suffice. Brrrr! Were we ever WRONG!

As the kids raced from ride to ride, I sat out on benches, seeking some sun to warm my body! As we came to the end of our outing, I spotted two Canada Geese with their little ones near a small pond. I had left my new camera home as I was unsure how I was going to fare with a new medication I am taking. I did grab the Olympus, so I was able to get some pictures.

Although I only captured one adult goose in my pictures, there were indeed, two. I would love to know if the adults were the parents of the little ones. I am sure the female stays with her chicks, but I wonder if the male remains with the family as well. The goose that I pictured seemed rather at ease as I came within maybe six feet of them. The other goose, however, hissed at me a couple of times. SinceI have owned geese in the past, I do know to keep a respectable distance, and also when to retreat!

Aren’t those goslings the cutest little babies? I so wanted to just touch one!!!

We ended our day at the park with Ben riding the “Superman”. It is a rather (unnerving for me) large roller coaster that thrills kids to no end! On the way there, we passed some lilac bushes that called out to passers-by to come and smell them. They had a rather delicate lilac scent, and the color was so beautiful….