Good Morning! (and I do mean *good*!)

Oh, it is so wonderful to feel all better this morning! No more parainfluenza. No more drugs running through my veins, causing me to be a bit “off”. I slept in until nearly 8 this morning, which is totally unheard of for me! All of my life, I have been a (very) early riser!

Last night, I felt better, so I did such a funny thing. I sat in a chair on the front porch, waiting for a hummingbird to appear. I only wish I could afford a telephoto lens with a smaller f-stop, because unless the area is flooded with light, it is tricky to get more than a silhouette of a hummingbird. Still, last night, I sat. The camera body was pressed firmly against my head, in lieu of using a tripod. I sat there as a rather large bee buzzed all along the railing, then right past my head. I did not flinch, however! I decided no matter what, I was going to get a good picture of a hummer! So, here is what I finally ended up with….

Yes, too dark, and as soon as she heard the snap of the shutter, she left. I still thought it was cool you could see her little eye shining!

Murphy awakened me this morning at about 5:15. I told him to “just go back to sleep”. He was such a good dog, that is *exactly* what he did! When I awakened at 7:45, I told him it was time to get up, and he wagged his tail and followed me to the door! As I was outside walking the boys, Michelle came and talked to me. I told her since the boys have been so “sedate” lately with me feeling sick, perhaps she could run with them a bit?

Michelle always wakes up feeling peppy, so she took the boys and off they ran. They ran up and down the yard, Murphy yapping, and Angus just enjoying a good run. They really enjoy it when Michelle takes off with them like that. When they were done, Michelle brought them up onto the front porch…..oh MY! What a MESS the boys were……

Look at all of the tree “litter” in Murphy’s kilt!!!

Angus could care less about all of that “stuff”. After all, he is always *on the lookout*! For what, we oftimes wonder! As you can see, Angus has this junk not only on his undercarriage, but it is also hanging off his beard! Ah well, a brisk brushing and the boys were back to their fluffy selves!

Before I close, I must tell this. As I was writing, I looked up when something caught my peripheral vision…a wasp had made its way into the house. When I couldn’t find the fly swatter in the linen closet, I grabbed the next best thing. (actually, the *only* thing that had a handle on it!) I firmly gripped feather duster in hand and viciously attacked said wasp as it hovered near the french doors. Murphy took this as a playtime, gleefully bouncing about, yapping, and wanting me to run with him!

Angus, on the other hand, being the senior, and (sometimes) wiser, decided that his Mum had “lost it” and took refuge……….

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  1. The little humming bird is cute. Grandpa told me they have one that lands on the wire support he has on one of his plants. Then is goes up and gets some food from the feeder and flies off. They are funny little birds.

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