Oh, What a Beautiful Morning!

I cannot believe that I feel *so* much better! Hurrah!

Although I will continue to take it easy today, I already refilled the hot tub and took some pictures! And speaking of pictures, the night before last, a big pileated woodpecker was “attacking” a stump about 50 feet from my window. I felt so terrible…the thought of even getting up to get my camera was more than I could bear. There was no way I could have lifted the camera to take a picture!

I was going to post a couple of pictures here, but Blogger has other plans and keeps giving me an error message so….

In a couple of hours, I will probably be grumbling and complaining about the heat, as we are expected to have a high near 90. I don’t do heat well.

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  1. I tried to comment lastnight, but blogger wouldn’t let your comments load… N-E-way…
    Sorry you’re sick. There’s nothing worse than being sick during good weather. I still can’t ID the woodpecker that’s attacking an air-vent cover on the house behind us. Wish it was a pileated… those are *so* cool. We have them up to camp and ocassional here too, but they tend to stay in the woods and not show up unless it’s the dead of winter and then they go after the suet I put out.

  2. I’m sorry you haven’t been feeling well, dear friend. I know you don’t like the heat much, but I sure am glad I am finally thawing out. After my two weeks in the warm, sunny south, I came back to bone chilling(for me) cold. Our house is just now warming up.

    Are either of the flu bugs going around the kind that make you just feel tired and achy and lethargic? Cause I am feeling it.

  3. You know, I *wonder* whether I had something similar a few weeks ago. I didn’t feel nauseous or anything (thank God!), but I had horrible chills. Body aches all over, headaches, etc. Felt like the regular flu. Is that what parainfluenza is? I am SOOOOOOOOO glad that you’re feeling better now.

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