I HATE Being Sick!

Yesterday, I wasn’t feeling quite “right”…as the day progressed, I became downright miserable! By the evening, I was lying in bed with major chills. I was supposed to go to the doctor this morning, but it seemed like an improbability!

This morning, I woke up feeling like someone had run me over! YUCK! I decided I would try to go to my appointment this morning, so I got ready. I was going mainly because last visit, my blood pressure was a ridiculous 180/100. After having an echo cardiogram, I was given a prescription for Lisinopril. I took it for a couple of weeks, then discontinued it when I was acting totally “loopy”. Both Carly and Mark said the medication was making me *weird*.

At the doctor appointment today, my blood pressure was down to a good number. The doctor was a bit surprised, as she noticed that the heart murmur she had detected last visit sounded a lot less pronounced. She explained that high blood pressure more or less amplifies murmurs. So, it was a good visit until she told me there are two strains of viruses making their rounds currently. The first is the flu, and the other, parainfluenza. Guess what my diagnosis was? Yes, I should count my blessings because I am not confined to the bathroom being sick! But why am I sick? I hate being sick!!!

Yesterday, I had intended to post some pictures, but they were preempted by illness! Anyway, I woke up yesterday morning with this cool idea to photograph “white” flowers. So, a day late, here are some of my pics!

My first pic is a white azalea flower. This is from a bush planted on the side of our house. The wonder of it all is that I bought this little “Charlie Brown” type bush at WalMart for some really low price. It was the end of the season, and I think I might have paid $2.00 for it. After bringing it home, I noticed the tag on it saying that it was rated for the zone where Oklahoma is located. Living in the northeast, it seemed that the bush was never going to make it here. But, it has been on the side of my house now for three years!

Oh, I so love the Lily of the Valley. I love their gentle fragrance, and the little white “bells”….they have always been a favorite of mine. I planted some of these next to the stream in the front of the house and they are now growing there and in another spot where I did not plant them!

As I was photographing flowers, I wondered if the May Apples had bloomed yet! I looked all around, and was able to finally find a blossom on one of the plants. Not quite open yet!

And lastly, not a white Trillium, but one that was “blushing” a very pretty lavender color! This isn’t a great picture, but the flower was a little beaten up, too!