This is not amongst my best pictures, but I just had to laugh….Mark had recorded an Advantix commercial *just* for Angus!

This morning, Mark called me to come see….Poor little Angus; as soon as the scratching, itchy flea-ridden (hehehe) dogs came on, Angus went into guard mode….

As you can see, even a GIANT scratching Scottie is NO match for our little Angus Braveheart!

Why Today Should Not Have Worked Out!

This day turned out to be a fun day all around….and, logistically, it should not have been!

Last evening, I was feeling tired, so I went upstairs to lie down for a bit. I was semi-fading when I heard Mark yell my name. I pulled myself out of bed, grumbling, as I made my way downstairs. Why all the commotion?

As soon as I was downstairs, Mark hollered to me that Ben had vomited! Oh gads! If there is one thing I cannot tolerate, it is the smell or sight of vomit. I was so tired and miserable….how was I going to handle this? As I stumbled into the kitchen, feeling so upset, Michelle said *she* would clean it up! As remarkable as that sounds, Michelle has probably suffered through more stomach bugs than Mark, Ben and I put together.

So, my brave girl cleaned up the bathroom floor, (Ben missed the toilet!) saying it wasn’t so bad.
Well, he got sick one more time and then he was done. I went to the little store up the road and bought him some Gatorade, as Mark read on the internet that Gatorade is good for upset stomachs.

By the time I went to bed shortly after 10:30, Mark said Ben was beginning to feel somewhat better. Mark was determined he was going to sit up and watch Ben all night, as he was concerned Ben might be sick during the night. Finally, by about 1:30, Mark said Ben was laughing about things he saw on TV, so Mark finally was persuaded Ben was on the mend!

The only thing we can figure is that this might have been food poisoning.

This morning, I called Carly to cancel going to the Dachshund Parade, as I thought Ben might need some “down” time to feel better. No way. Mark and the kids thought I should go to the parade, as I had tenatively planned. I was a bit nervous about driving in the city, so Mark said he would drive. (he is from Rochester)

When we arrived at the festivities, Ben wanted to get out with me. I wasn’t sure this was a wise decision, but he insisted he felt fine! I spent a little more than an hour taking pictures, then it was time to go.

Ben and Michelle had been invited to a birthday party near Elmira late in the afternoon. We talked about whether the kids should go, and Mark told them we would have to go right from the parade. The trip to Elmira from Rochester was about 2 hours.

Ben hadn’t eaten since being sick, and while Mark told him he needed to take it easy, Ben insisted he was going to eat “regular food”! We bought him a Cinnamon Crunch Bagel from Panera’s, and he ate it with no problems. We spent some time just chilling out, then took the kids to the party at about 4:45.

Although Michelle had been invited to spend the night, we all decided to pick Ben and Michelle up at 8. They were agreeable. Mark and I spent some time eating and just relaxing in the truck before picking the kids up.

On the way home, Ben told us he had some pizza, chicken wings, and chips at the party. He bounced on the trampoline, played badminton, and had a great time. Although he said he was tired and would sleep on the way home, he remained fully awake until we arrived home at about 10 pm.

As I said, the only thing Mark and I can figure is Ben suffered food poisoning!