A Little Weinie Fun?

YES! Today was the annual Dachshund Parade in Rochester, NY. We all know that I am partial to Scotties, but this was an event that is just too fun!

As I wandered about, viewing what seemed like endless Dachsies, I was in total awe of the sights I saw! There were longhairs, wirehairs, smoothhairs, BIG dachsies, tiny dachsies, spotted, red, black and tan, black and white, dappled, and everything imaginable Dachshunds!
Instead of trying to comment, I am going to just display some of the over 300 shots I took this morning. Let me say that each one of these wonderful little companions seemed more loved than the next! In other words, these Dachshunds are terrific pets! I found myself giggling as I walked about, looking through the camera lens, discovering all the individual mannerisms, and yet, totally amazed by one commonality…..no matter where I turned, little tails were whipping back and forth like little perpetual metronomes!!! Happy little critters, these Dachshunds!

As I said, these are just a small sampling of the Dachshunds we encountered. I saw two different little “cart dogs” whose little rear legs were paralyzed and non-functioning. These little ones were just as loved and cared for as all the other little ones! I stand amazed and in awe of those whose hearts are so big that they take in these poor littles babies and love them to pieces. My hat is certainly off to them!
What fun this event was to attend!

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