Some Signs Just Make You Think

When Mark and I were looking at land to build our house, we saw some rather humdrum as well as very interesting things. One of those *things* is located not too far from our home……

Being the owner of a somewhat large imagination, this sign made my mind race into high gear. I so enjoy living in the woods and the fact that there are many, many acres of state lands nearby is quite reassuring that the woods will remain woods! However, I also know that in this woods there are are bears, coyotes, foxes, deer, as well as *other* animals. My UPS man, Bob, said that a man only about eight or ten miles from here showed him a photo he took of a mountain lion chasing a deer.

Now that my imagination has been sufficiently (re)fueled, my mind carries me back more than 300 years ago (that sign says that LaSalle was in this neck of the woods in August of 1669)….I have forgotten to add that where we live, one must travel at least six miles to find food (albeit very limited to pizza, subs and chicken wings) or gasoline! So…I cannot even begin to imagine the state of this land as Monsieur LaSalle was exploring it! No fast food, no modern transportation, no GPS…..only woods, American Indians, and wild animals roaming about. I do know that if one became lost in this area now, there is a strong possiblity that they could freeze to death or starve, although there is enough farmland nearby that they might find an open field to be seen and recovered.

Enough of my imagination for now. I only hope I was able to “ignite” yours! I don’t know if the springs there still *burn*, but if there was a small natural gas reserve, I suppose someone would have developed it long before this! There are, by the way, no gas wells located either in Bristol, nor any neighboring communities that I am aware of.