New Beginnings

As this spring seems to be racing in like gangbusters, it is so much fun seeing all of the *new* things…The new leaves coming out on the trees, the new little goslings that have hatched out, and to hear the “new” songs springing forth from the birds in the trees! The morning is such a special time as the birds have a great chorus of sound issuing from the woods!

I had to get up early this morning and make a quick run to the store. It was so wonderful being up and seeing a fresh new day dawning!

Yesterday was *the* day that my new refrigerator was to arrive. We were so excited, but as the temperature climbed and climbed during the day, I was a bit disappointed that the delivery was scheduled for mid-afternoon! I wanted to get the food removed from the old refrigerator, as the men were going to remove it, but I didn’t want the food sitting out for hours. I did fill a cooler with some things that were critical to keep chilled, like milk.

I then did something I never thought I would do……

Yes, I photographed that poor, miserable, broken refrigerator! You can see that the crisper drawers are no longer supported. Part of the drawer on the left is missing, along with the part that controls the humidity of those drawers. All of the shelves that hung on the door were long gone…..

I wondered if I might be overcome by a feeling of melancholy, watching my faithful-for-the-past-fifteen years refrigerator leave, but I must say, I was only *thrilled* watching the new fridge entering through the door! No tears thinking about how the kids used to climb up and over the old fridge…..only gladness that I no longer had to *stuff* the magnetic gasket in as I shut the door to make sure it stayed closed!

I am happy to report that the new model is now well-chilled and making ice cubes to everyone’s delight! It is so clean and wonderful and most importantly, all the parts are UNbroken!!….and I am happy!

This morning, the thunder is rumbling off in the distance and the weatherman is calling for thunderstorms. We do need some rain, as the ground is rapidly drying out. I am enjoying the fresh air, sitting out on the front porch with my laptop. I will end this with a pretty picture of some bleeding hearts I took yesterday. I am sure that plant has plans to take over the entire universe, if not my garden!!!