Going Quackers

Yesterday Mark and the kids decided that they would like to have some Chinese takeout for lunch. Since the restaurant doesn’t deliver 20 miles away (hahaha) I would have to run and pick it up, which never bothers me….I *love* going for a ride most any time!

I just wasn’t in the mood for Chinese, so I decided that perhaps a nice Southwest Taco salad at Wendy’s was more what I was wanting! After picking up the Chinese, off to Wendy’s we went! As I sat in the drive-thru line, a Mallard drake flew up and nestled down in the grass……

The drive thru line was moving so quickly that I was unable to snap a picture of the duck, so after picking up the order, I parked in the lot and put on my telephoto lens to capture this fellow. I don’t know what I was thinking, as I never turned the car off….the photos are a bit blurred as a result. Anyway, I do think that perhaps this lad has been favored with french fries tossed from a window, as he sat there so adorably!
Suddenly, what should appear, but a little sparrow! The duck looked right at it, as though challenging the smaller bird. Michelle was with me, and we both chuckled. Then, a person appeared around the corner, and the duck turned his head and looked as though he was *scolding* the little sparrow!

This picture is really hard to see, but you can certainly see that the duck’s bill is aimed right towards the little sparrow, who is almost perfectly centered in the picture.

Here are some pictures I took Sunday and yesterday, just randomly around the house.