Busy, Busy, Busy!

Today, the kids had a birthday party to attend, and right after that, off we went to take them and a friend to the last teen skate of the year!

While the kids were skating, Mark and I slipped off to Corning to just fiddle with the camera. Here are a few shots….

These pictures are pretty self-explanatory, so I won’t waste words with them! Mark and I were surprised to see trees nearly completely leafed out in the Southern Tier of New York. Our trees are just showing signs of budding! Ah well, the green will be lovely when it arrives!

Well, as I was waiting for my pics to upload to Blogger, tonight turned into TOMORROW!!!!

We have some plans for later in the day….The Sabres face the Rangers once again in the afternoon at 2. I am so excited, hoping the Sabres will finish this round off to avoid a seventh game!

Nearly "Intoxicating"!

I do not partake of alcohol, simply because I do not enjoy the taste, nor the “feeling”. However, in watching the Buffalo Sabres game last night, I was feeling intoxicated!

The Sabres are in round two of the playoff games, playing against the New York Rangers. Each round is won by the team that takes the first four games, so the games can last to a total of seven. As of last night, the Sabres had won the first two games, the Rangers the second two. As Mark and I talked about the game, we knew in our hearts that Buffalo just had to win.

As we watched the game, it remained scoreless until the Rangers put one into the net in the third and final period. My heart sank. With less than a minute left in the game, Buffalo Coach Lindy Ruff called a timeout. Was he NUTS?

Apparently NOT! With about 7 seconds left in the game, Buffalo SCORED, sending the game into overtime! Chris Drury once again proved just how valuable he is!!!

Buffalo has a player by the name of Maxim Afinogenov. Maxie is known for *flying* with the puck down the ice and setting up some great scoring chances. However, in the playoffs, Maxie was getting a little….well, “off”. So, in game four of this round, Coach Ruff had him sit out. We are informed on the Sabres sight that Coach Lindy and Maxie watched plays made in the past by Maxie over and over, and Lindy explained what he was looking for from Maxie.

Well, Maxie returned again for last night’s game, and although he was criticized by some for making a few errors, it was he who hammered that puck right into the net, scoring the goal that sent the Sabres into a GLORIOUS 2-1 win!!!! Right after the goal, Maxie went down on one knee, celebrating, then went face down onto the ice, almost resembling a playful little otter, to REALLY celebrate!

I think the last few minutes of this game is the closest I have been to being intoxicated in a VERY long time!!!!!! What a wonderful, wonderful WIN! Before the game began, I told Mark I hoped that Maxie would score…..never anticipating that HIS would be ***the*** goal of the night!!!