Canandaigua Wandering…..(or, part II of previous entry)

On the western side of the pier is a little “grouping” of boathouses with cottages above them. The funny thing about these buildings is that in the winter, they look so desolate and rather run down. By the time summer arrives again, they somehow take on a more *charming* look, as though the changing of the season “regenerates” them!

Every time I go to the lake, I always look for ducks and Canada Geese. I think this is the breeding season as the area is so lacking….However, as I was looking about, this lone Mallard Drake caught sight of me as I sighted him. I made a ridiculous “quacking” sound (of course, I panned the area around me first, not wanting to be taken away by men in white coats!!!) and the little fellow swam towards me, probably wondering if his attention to me might be rewarded with a nibble of bread.

Well, as soon as he figured out I was of no value, he immediately turned away……

The bad news for me is that the next several days are supposed to be bright, warm, and sunny. Such a change after dark, cold, and snowy only two weeks ago! Yes, I did say bad….bad in the sense that my poor heart is going to be longing to go wandering off again and again!

When the Sun Shines Brightly

My heart begins to wander…longing to travel to new places….to see new things….to experience new sounds and indulge in the wanderlust that has been such a part of my life for as long as I can remember. My silly heart tells me it is time to move on when familiarity has set in….oh, what an inward struggle to continue on in the same old patterns…day after day.

Late this morning, Mark recognized that wanderlust was once again calling out my name, and he told me I had better leave and go out for a bit! He is such a gem. I grabbed my “Toybox” and keys for the truck. Oh, my toybox is what I affectionately call my camera bag.

I decided that I would go to Canandaigua and take picures of the lake. After all, the sun was sparkling like it hasn’t done in what seems like ages! However, while visiting Canandaigua, I did do a few little errands that needed to be attended to, such as having an oil change done on the truck. This gave me a little time to check out my blood pressure and to grab some Dole salad. (I love the Baby Spring Lettuce, which Mark equates to “weeds”!)

I drove out to the city pier and parked. The pier is large enough for two lanes of traffic, with a small circle at the end. I had seen this sign before, but never really took the time to read what it said! It basically says that the small island that lies straight ahead of the sign is called Squaw Island, and is the birthplace of the Seneca Nation of Indians. It is the smallest state park in New York State. Legend says that in 1779, a General Sullivan came and invaded the Seneca land, and the men hid the women and children on this island, which was much larger at that time. Now, being a state park, precautions have been taken to prevent further erosion of the tiny island. Taking the picture of this sign was most miserable….as I was about to snap the photo, a gust of wind caught me, causing my arm to wave up and down like the water lying ahead of me!

And also located near the small traffic circle is this plaque, honoring those from the area who served in the Armed Services.

Standing on the pier and looking north/northeast, there is a restaurant……

And the bathhouse at the head of the lake, where residents (and non-residents with big pocketbooks) may swim in the lake.

And along the head of the lake is Kershaw Park. It is a small park, quite narrow, but long. There is a beautiful gazebo (shown below) along with a playground and the bathing area. The park is right next to the street, and across the street are restaurants, bars, and (very unexpected) a mobile home park with homes that date back to probably the 60’s and 70’s.

This is such a beautiful area! Canandaigua is a rather “quaint” little city that has been able to preserve its downtown shopping area, unlike most other small towns in this area. Businesses thrive along the main street, and it is so picturesque, as at the base of Main Street lies Canandaigua Lake.

Since I am no longer able to add any further pictures, I will end this dissertation now, and continue on in another entry!