Just Hanging Out With the Scots

What a lazy day today! I have just been taking it easy….still! This is OK, I guess, but sometimes I find myself getting a bit stir crazy!

Last week, I was supposed to go in to the dentist for a cleaning. When I “mentioned” this in passing to Carly, she advised me NOT to go! She explained that since the DR was concerned about an undiagnosed heart murmur, I should wait until after the echo cardiogram. The DR said she could prescribe an antibiotic that is taken an hour before the appointment, but since I wasn’t feeling so hot, Mark and I decided it would be best to just reschedule the appointment after we finish all of this nonsense!

All that said, I cannot believe that yesterday, I developed a *toothache*! I have never had a toothache before, and the timing on this is ridiculous. The echo cardiogram is scheduled for May 1, so I am planning to hold out till then. It isn’t a “pounding” ache…it just hurts when I eat. So, I have not been stuffing my face. THAT is a good thing!

This afternoon, Michelle took a picture of me with the Scotties. She refused to try the Nikon, so she took the picture with my old Olympus.

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  1. Great picture. Why wouldn’t she try the Nikon? By the way, where’d ya get that shirt with the Scotties on it?

  2. Hmmm…seems some kindly soul gave me that shirt right off her back!!! Now, I need to find HER a weinie shirt!!!! Michelle takes good pictures, but I think she is intimidated by the size and weight of the Nikon, as it is almost twice the size of the Olympus!

  3. What a great picture and the pink Crocs rock!! I can’t wait for it to get a bit warmer so I can wear my new Croc sandels!

  4. LOL, I noticed the Crocs too! I’ve been wearing my summer ones all week. I just wish I could wear them at work…but, seems Crocs don’t make steel toed shoes! 🙁

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