Just Hanging Out With the Scots

What a lazy day today! I have just been taking it easy….still! This is OK, I guess, but sometimes I find myself getting a bit stir crazy!

Last week, I was supposed to go in to the dentist for a cleaning. When I “mentioned” this in passing to Carly, she advised me NOT to go! She explained that since the DR was concerned about an undiagnosed heart murmur, I should wait until after the echo cardiogram. The DR said she could prescribe an antibiotic that is taken an hour before the appointment, but since I wasn’t feeling so hot, Mark and I decided it would be best to just reschedule the appointment after we finish all of this nonsense!

All that said, I cannot believe that yesterday, I developed a *toothache*! I have never had a toothache before, and the timing on this is ridiculous. The echo cardiogram is scheduled for May 1, so I am planning to hold out till then. It isn’t a “pounding” ache…it just hurts when I eat. So, I have not been stuffing my face. THAT is a good thing!

This afternoon, Michelle took a picture of me with the Scotties. She refused to try the Nikon, so she took the picture with my old Olympus.