Take a Deep Breath…..

YES! I have been breathing *much* better today. No yawning and making silly faces, trying to swallow a big gulp of air! Ah, it feels so much better. I don’t even have to open my mouth to breathe, matter of fact. Gads, it is hard to even imagine such a thing unless one experiences this!

And, I hope I *never* do again!!!
I called my father this morning and talked to him for awhile. He was telling me how nice and warm it was at the house. I laughed, thinking he was pulling my leg. Mark took the phone and talked to him for a bit, and as they were talking, I could see the sky beginning to change….there was some blue sky poking through. As the day progressed, we found ourselves bathed in golden sunshine…the temps were a good deal cooler than yesterday, but it was a stellar day!
Please bear with me, but once again, I was having some fun with the camera. I caught Doe as she was passing through our property……..

Okay, so you are tired of seeing Doe and her little ones. So, how about…………………………..

A *STINK * bug I caught as he was walking across the concrete sidewalk………OR,

A pretty Robin redbreast sitting in the tree at the park?

Well, those *were* my offerings for today. Then, I came up into the bedroom and saw the sun setting through the bedroom windows!

I love how the light cast the shadow of the lace curtains in the windows and the little red glass Scottie that sits on the window. Forgive the mess all over my desk. I so need to clean up some, but *how* does one decide what to keep and what to get rid of? Such a dilemma….so many treasures remind me of the kids and it makes it so hard to even think of ridding the house of them! Believe me, I have never been a packrat! But……

As I began to make way across the room to pack up my camera, I looked up to see the picture of Brewster. ……

Brewster belongs to a dear Scottie friend, Ruth Wynne. Ruth and her husband had five Scotties at one point, but three of her dear little Scots have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Well, yesterday, late in the afternoon, Ruth was walking Brewster and his “sister”, Molly. Suddenly, a large German Shepherd appeared and grabbed hold of Brewster! Ruth pushed and scolded the shepherd, but he refused to stop. He attacked Brewster and left several bites all over his back, base of his tail, and his hind legs! Poor Ruth called for help, and when the shepherd’s master heard, he merely called his dog home, leaving Ruth and the petrified Scotties with no help. Ruth immediately rushed the Scots to an emergency veterinary center. Molly was fine, but little Brewster had to stay behind. He was treated for multiple bite wounds and was released home early this morning. What a terrible experience for Ruth. She assured those of us on the CyberScots forum that little Brewster will be just fine.

I hope all are enjoying the fine spring weather, wherever you might find yourself. This winter arrived so late this year and seemed to linger on and on. We are anxiously awaiting all of the buds to pop open and spring to go full steam ahead!