Four in a Row!

Nice days, that is! I cannot believe the contrast from one week ago. Today, as I was walking outside in the sun, I felt faint from the heat! Wow!

While Mondays are usually hurried and crazy, today was relatively quiet. I enjoyed that and made the most of it. The only plan for today was that Michelle was going to meet with a friend she met at her Bible study. This friend and her family had moved here eight months ago. Her step dad was going to open a restaurant…..they had bought a lovely house and had so many plans. Unfortunately, no one knew that within just a few short months, the step dad would pass away at a young age. It was so sad, and now the family is moving back to where they previously lived. Michelle and her friend went to Penney’s and looked around a bit. When they came back to the car, Michelle took a set of “bangly” bracelets from a bag. She cut the tag that held them together and gave her friend half of them and kept the other half….I thought that was so cool…Michelle would remember her friend and vice versa, every time they see the bracelets!

I am in awe of the way all of the flora bounced back after the terrible storm that passed through here last week. One week ago, I was concerned that the lilac bush was going to split in half under the weight of the wet, sticky snow. Now, the buds and leaves are growing larger in size by the day!

The peonies that had begun to poke through the soil shortly before the storm also seem unscathed by the heavy snow that not only surrounded them, but pinned them down to the ground. These peonies are pretty special, because they are from some that my grandmother had planted many years ago…..
I had titled one entry in my blog (April 14) I Want to be a Daffodil. I photographed my miniature daffodils then, after they had been frozen solid, blooming their cheerful bright yellow flowers! Well, nine days later, after being totally buried, they are as beautiful today as they were on that day! The regular daffodils seem to have been ruined by the weather, but not those minis! I need to check out the bulb sellers to see if I can get more of these hearty little buggers. I would love to have them everywhere!
When we were in town today, we went down by the lake to spend some time while waiting for Michelle and her friend. There were three men sailboarding (not sure of the name?) but by the time I thought of photographing them, rain began to fall and they came in from the water. The lake looked so *angry* as though it was lashing out at the shore! A little later, the thunder began to rumble, then we got some downpours.
The weather calls for some rain and coolers temps over the next few days. That is OK, though….after all, April showers bring May flowers!

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