A Spectacular Day!

Wow, another wonderful, glorious, gorgeous day! Thinking back to one week ago, we were waiting out the pending storm and watching the sky! Hopefully, *that* weather is now behind us!

It was such a nice day, I just couldn’t resist taking a stroll down to the camper to open the windows to allow the fresh air to flow through. Of course, once seeing that the floor was kind of messy, I needed to run an electric cord on down so I could run the little vacuum cleaner! I cannot believe how dirty the floor and carpet were, but when I consider we always close the camper up in October, when the weather is kind of wet and muddy, I guess it makes sense! A good run with the vaccum cleans everything up quickly, and it doesn’t take much to make the little camper sparkle!
That was about all I accomplished today. I think we were all a little tired from our *almost* overnighter. Even the Scotties seemed kind of “mellow” today. So, we kind of took it easy. Mark and I spent some time looking online at various refrigerators. The one we have now is an Amana we bought while building our house. It was a good refrigerator, but it was greatly abused. As the kids got to the “age of exploration”, they both discovered that Mom often hid things atop the fridge. Well, the shortest distance between two points, we have all discovered, is a straight line.
And, the straightest line merely required opening the refrigerator door, and climbing the shelves until the top of said appliance could be reached! It is a fact that both of my kids got reprimanded for such actions, but when it comes to strong-willed children, nothing short of binding them up will stop the unquenchable drive to attain *success*!
Our 15 year-old refrigerator served us well, but methinks it is definitely time for retirement to that big scrap pile in the sky! The poor thing….every single shelf designed for the door was long removed,or should I say “destroyed, save for the butter keeper. The fruit and veggie drawers defy gravity, somehow hanging in their appropriate spots, support broken many moons ago. The plastic cover for the bottom vent was finally pitched last year after Mark’s noble effort to piece the many, many puzzlelike pieces together ended with the thing becoming UNglued. Little shoes had gotten wedged in the slots a long time before, breaking the plastic which I usually placed into a large ziploc bag. Oh my….the handle on the door began its slow degrading process ages ago and was finally totally removed only a few short months ago.
It is time for a new refrigerator, to be sure!
While looking at pictures I have taken recently, I came upon this picture of Angus. As we were getting ready for out little trip on Friday, Angus was watching over what was going on…..surveying all the activity, and making it known that under no circumstances was he to be left behind!!!
And another picture of Angus “sitting pretty” for my father. Whenever Angus wants something from a human, he strikes the “sitting cute on my haunches” pose, hoping that the viewer will take pity on the sweet little lad and hand over the booty…er, cookies!
I am praying to hear good news from the doctor tomorrow, but I guess I had better not hold my breath….no pun intended. I have been struggling for the past several days to take a deep cleansing breath. The doctor didn’t tell me the timeframe for getting test results, so I will just patiently sit back and await the results. No news is good news, correct?

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  1. I am *loving* your photos, Kae. That top one of Angus is *so* wonderful! I sure hope that you’ll get good news back from the doctor. Holding good thoughts for you, always.

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