Sun-Saturated, Satisfying Saturday!

The kids went to Splash Lagoon last November, and at that point, we decided not to stay at one of the expensive hotels nearby. We would rather save the money for a camping trip with our camper. So, after the kids reemerged shortly after 3 am, we went on down the road to Sam’s Club. Sure enough, there was a big class A motorhome, slides out, parked in the lot. We simply pulled up behind them.

After getting Mark and Ben all set in the truck, Michelle and I took Murphy and crawled into the back of the truck. We placed a sleeping bag on the Bedrug, and then snuggled in for a few hours rest under a down comforter.

Michelle woke me up at 7, showing me how little Murphy was enjoying being placed under the comforter after waking up shivering! He never allows us to cover him up, as he would rather sleep down by our feet. Not being an *outdoor dog*, he obviously could not stand the “cold” temps in the 50’s!!!

I couldn’t believe how blue the sky was, nor how beautiful it appeared outside! People with business memberships could be seen in the distance, entering Sam’s. I called Mark and woke him up. We went in Sam’s for a bit, then called my parents to tell them we were coming back to visit today.

We had yet another day of relaxation and fun visiting with my parents and brother, Randy. We were able to spend the entire day outside! And, the most strenuous thing I did today was take pictures of some of the visitors to the bird feeder! (we are unable to have a feeder…..just last Thursday, one of our neighbors called to warn us a black bear had been wandering about our “neighborhood”. It had upset their feeder, as well as a birdbath!) So, I must enjoy the birds at homes other than my own!

We reluctantly left for home, arriving here at about 7 pm. Only a little snow remains on the ground from the piles we shoveled to nearly 4 feet tall! As always, it was good to arrive home again after our little outing, but there is so much to do!!!

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