Unfinished Business!

This morning, I was barely able to post the pictures of the snow coming down because of issues with my laptop. The processor was running out of control, and it took forever to even TRY to do anything. Since then, my computer guru hero, AKA my hubby, Mark, took care of business and I am once again *in* business!

I wanted to post a picture I took yesterday of a little Junco bird that was nestled in the lilac bush on the side of the house….

And, I was excited to tell about a new soap I unmolded last night! One of my Scottie friends I met online is from Arizona, and she ordered some Lemongrass Soaps made with my Scottie mold. She had fallen in love with Lemongrass while visiting in London. I decided to add a little of the herb to the soap as well, (just a tiny tad) and it gave it depth, texture and character….I love it and the scent is so fresh!

So, that was my unfinished business from yesterday! Last night was such a bust, as the Sabres lost to the Islanders. I was so bummed, but the Sabres were outplayed AND the refereeing STUNK! I always smile and tell Mark the refs always SAY they are going to call everything………against Buffalo! Yes, I am biased, but even were I not, I think anyone can see that many of the refs just do not want Buffalo to win.

Today was spent lazily lounging about. Yes, Mrs. *Busy* took a day off! I am so tired. I think I didn’t sleep well or rest well because of the game last night. Mark keeps telling me not to get so worked up…hehehe

I made Zatarain’s Cheesy Jambalaya for dinner tonight. There is a recipe on the back of the box for stuffed green peppers using two boxes. Well, since I only had one huge green pepper, I cut it into small pieces and added it. The recipe on the box also calls for sausage, which I detest! So, I use ground beef and I used Habanero pepper instead of the jalapeno it called for. This is one of those recipes that is guaranteed to clear sinuses, but if you like *hot*, it is SO tasty!

As I was cleaning up in the kitchen, I caught sight of Doe, Re, Mi, and Fa out on the back hill. I was so excited because they lingered on and on for some time….then, they actually bedded down for a bit.

You can see the size difference here….Doe is on the right, and one of her youngsters is on the left side. It was difficult taking these shots because, 1. once again, I had to shoot through the french doors, and, 2. it was snowing like crazy! I just knew that were I to open the door, the youngster definitely would have bolted into the woods. Doe is much more at ease with humans!

Here is Doe lying in the snow…..

And here, Doe got up to graze a little bit more while her youngster remains resting.

A closer look at the youngster. This was such a wonderful way to end a lazy day!

Yes, Snow….

I live in the woods. When we turn off the lights, it is very dark. Last night, however, when I woke up in the middle of the night, I could see outside, so I knew it had snowed or was snowing.
This morning when Murphy insisted it was time to get up, I opened my eyes to a world of what looked like black and white. I decided to just open my window and take three pictures, each in a different direction…..

Hey, wait a minute! These pictures all look the SAME! Yes, they do, and yes, it DOES!

We are being blessed with *really* heavy wet snow right now. In looking at the radar and maps, it looks like the east coast is going to be getting the brunt of this beast. I imagine lines will be going down, as this is seriously heavy stuff, and we are only getting the fringes of it!

It is hard to believe that yesterday I was outside taking pictures in my flip-flops! This morning, I had to grab my Crocs with no holes in them before taking the boys out. Those flip-flops would have left me with FROZEN toes!