Searching Out the Beauty

Yay, I am finally back. Yes, perhaps you didn’t know I was gone, but I was! I tried so hard to submit an entry to my blog last night and this morning, and my poor laptop would just freeze up and the hard drive spun so loudly, it sounded as though it might just lift off the desk!

Yesterday, I was so discouraged by the cold. Every time I looked out the window, there was a fine snow filling the air. It never amounted to anything but it was just becoming, well, depressing! After seeing my poor daffodils and tulips lying down on the ground as though they had fainted from the bitter cold, I decided I could choose to bemoan the damage, or, look for the beauty….

And so I grabbed my camera and went on a little hunt. I honestly didn’t need to venture too far, as it seemed as though beauty was calling out to me! Just look at these little Columbine plants. I do believe they are bigger than they were last week!

If you look at the frosty snow surrounding those little diehards, you can see it is that sparkly, icy cold kind of snow that is *so* cold!

As I walked along the banks of our drainage ditch where water runs down across our land, something caught my eye….perhaps it is the bit ‘o Irish in me, but the intensity of the green called out to me! As I moved in closer to observe, the ice that had formed from the unusual cold snap we have been experiencing was drip, drip, dripping ever so slightly onto the bright green moss underneath it. Such a contrast was so beautiful! And the green just makes the heart hopeful for the good weather that is just around the corner!
And although nearly all of our hearts are longing for fresh spring breezes and warming temperatures, this little formation of ice caught up on the grass is undeniably beautiful!

Last week when we enjoyed some warm and delightfully great springtime weather, the sheets of rain that accompanied that weather caused the volume of water running in the ditches to increase enormously! As I walked along, I couldn’t resist photographing this little “bowl” that was created in that massive overdose to the little ditches that usually carry just a small amount of water!

I was so happy to enjoy all of the beauty that is ours for the looking! By going out with camera in hand, I really did feel so much better!

Last night, just before the sun was setting, Angus went totally nuts! He growled and barked and basically made me feel crazy! I called for Michelle to take Angus upstairs, as in looking out the french doors, I saw nothing unusual. A little later, I did see Doe, Re, Mi, and Fa partaking quite zestfully of the new blades of grass that have poked through the earth.

Angus positioned himself at the top of the stairs and began to take his singing to a new level. At this point, he was inconsolable, making so much noise, he was really driving me crazy. The hair stood up on his back and he eventually moved his way down the stairs. Michelle came and grabbed him to lift him up and in so doing, looked out the window. Surprise, surprise! Yet another visitor to add to our ever-increasing menagerie of wild critters! No wonder poor little Angus was getting so stirred up! He sensed this fellow barging in on his territory!

I went out on the back deck, much to Michelle’s dismay to chase this masked fellow off! I hissed at him and commanded he leave the premises at once! He turned and looked at me, then slowly moved away into the woods!