Happy Resurrection Sunday!

Yes, Jesus is risen, He is risen from the dead!

When I think of “Easter”, I don’t think of bunnies and eggs and baskets and all the other things. Instead, I am grateful for the Lord and that He laid down His life for all. We have never been big on all the candy and stuff, but we did buy some jelly beans and candy for the kids.

Last night the kids went to a teen skate, and while they were there, Mark and I went to a little WalMart Superstore. YIKES! It was nearly filled to the brim with people! This store has been rather traditionally quiet on Saturday nights, but last night it was packed with folks. I am not sure exactly what the occasion was….perhaps buying goodies?

When we left the store (we were in there for probably about an hour and a half) the snow was falling ever-so-softly in those pretty wet big flakes that were accentuated by the parking lot lights. It was so beautiful…and yes, I know it is April! It really was stunning and I do agree that I would have been much more impressed had this been around Thanksgiving time!

We picked the kids up at 10, then headed home. Hmmmm….Mark took the path less traveled. Oh, AND this path just happens to wind through the “higher elevations”. And, if you live in the Northeast, you just KNOW what that means! Yes, we were greeted by completely snow-covered roads challenging Mark to figure out WHERE the road was!

As we drove along, I kept asking Mark if his knuckles were white yet! I could sense his great relief when we finally reached the little valley town just a few miles from our house. The snow was greatly reduced to just fine little flakes in the headlights and I think I actually heard a huge sigh!

I was awakened this morning to the sound of the snowplow coming up our hill, and when I saw the trees outside my window frosted in white, I just wanted to close my eyes and roll over. But, I did indeed get up with the boys and we went outside into the 16 frosty degrees. Wow! To add a bit of insult to injury, the weatherman announced this morning this day shall be colder than our Christmas Day was! Hurrah, hurrah….

We didn’t make plans with my parents to get together, so our day will probably entail spending a leisurely day grateful for a warm hearth! I do have a Honeysuckle White turkey breast that I will roast later in the day, along with lots of sides to go with it. I always stand amazed that I forget to plan meals for holidays. But, there is plenty in the pantry and refrigerator to make for a delicious meal!

To you and yours, Happy Easter!