Ever Feel Like Eve?

You know, in the Garden of Eden? This morning, Mrs. Doe came back again with Re, Mi, and Fa. The youngsters bolted off into the woods, but as I spoke to Doe, she actually turned around in her tracks and walked a few steps towards me! I was standing on the back deck….does she look frightened?

I was anxious to take some pictures today, as the woods is beginning to “brighten” up a bit. AND, I am so antsy to try out the new camera in lots of different modes with different lighting and such. My biggest problem right now is that the current lens I am using doesn’t do so well in low light situations, and I am awaiting a new lens. So, while waiting, I will be patient and make the most of what I have.

As I was getting up this morning, I noticed that my (other) weird Christmas Cactus had such a pretty blossom on it, I just needed to take a picture. I love the colors in this one….the streaks of color are stunning! Oh, and now my Christmas Cacti have bloomed for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and you had better believe there are going to be even MORE flowers for Easter!

After taking pictures of the deer and plant, I decided to go outside and take some pictures…..Hmmmmm……what can I take pictures of? Let’s see….

Ah yes, this morning, my little miniature Daffodils were nearly blooming! How exciting!

And how about this? I had two very perplexed and frustrated black-bearded little boys looking longingly through the french doors as I walked outside to snap a shot of their morning offering. There is their special ground turkey meatloaf, ground green beans, a few blueberries, cranberries, a small spoonful of virgin coconut oil, topped with a teaspoon of flax seeds! What you cannot see is a bit of olive oil and fish oil drizzled over the top. As I made my way back inside with the dish, I was seriously thinking I was about to be mugged, but the little boys were gentlemenly. Well, until I put the food into their bowls!

This afternoon, Ben wanted to ride his bicycle on our road. Where we live is so steep, there was no way he could ride it unless he had worked at it for quite some time! So, we loaded his bike into the back of the Explorer and I drove up to a more gentle incline. Ben was so happy to ride along and I followed behind. As Ben rode, you cannot imagine my delight when I saw man walking a Wire-Haired Dachshund!

What was humorous about all of this is that I was on the phone with Carly, who owns the cute little Black and Tan Dachshund, Joe! I stopped the car and got out to talk with the man. You see, Bob the UPS man had already told me who this man was, as I had seen him walking this pup several months ago and inquired. It is so rare to see one of these dogs, so I asked Bob and he knew exactly who this was!

I got out of the car and introduced myself and asked if I could take pictures. Of course! This neighbor is so proud of his little girlie. She is of European lines and is a licensed “Deersearch Dog”. When a hunter injures a deer and cannot find it, he can notify this pair, and little Karma may then search the woods until she finds it. I learned that they were featured last fall on a page of the local newspaper!

Isn’t she a cutie? I love the way her paws turn out and that little beard! As I bent down to say hello, she came right to me and smothered me in kisses!!!
I caught up with Ben and he rode on and on for awhile. Near the end of his ride, there is a big hill. Ben loved gliding down the hill. So much so, he went back up the hill and rode down once again!

When we got home, I was surprised to see that my mini Daffodils were now blooming!

You cannot know how much the sight of those three little flowers made my heart sing! We got up to 60 degrees this afternoon, and tomorrow, we are supposed to be warm once again. Until the afternoon. Then, our weather is supposed to degrade to the point that the temperatures drop into the 30’s by evening! The weatherman says “snow” in the forecast….well, with Easter around the corner, what else should we expect? We *are* in the Northeast, after all!

I went inside the house, and in looking out the french doors, who should I spot grazing up behind the house once again? Yes, Doe, Re, Me, and Fa! Just like the Garden of Eden, I tell you!!!