Out of the Bristolwood…

Yes, today we went up to visit Mark’s mom and to take her to a doctor appointment.

It was such a strange day as far as the weather was concerned. When the sun was not out and shining, it felt terribly cold. The wind blew like crazy, making it feel unbearable at times. We picked Mark’s mom up and headed off to the doctor’s appointment….

As we were driving along on a very busy highway, a schoolbus came up on our left and passed us……..

So, do you suppose the driver knew the engine compartment was exposed for all of the city to see?

Mark and his mom went into the appointment and the kids and I went to Wendy’s to grab a small bite to eat. The kids were hungry and it was a great way to pass some time.

Afterward, Mark wanted to stop by Daddy’s Junky Music. That isn’t my idea of fun, so Michelle and I sat with the pups out in the car. The boys were so good! They always are, though. Earlier in the day, Michelle trimmed Murphy. She can’t stand the thought of him looking “bushy”, so she is always trimming! She plans to do Angus tomorrow and he hates having the clippers anywhere near his face, so I grabbed my little folding scissors and trimmed quite a bit off his head and face. He didn’t like it, but he was so good!

Remember I said it was windy today? Yes, the car is really sitting still. I tied Angus to the steering wheel and Michelle was holding Murphy’s leash! The boys’ beards and eyebrows were blowing like a flag in the wind! That is Angus on the left with the “smile” on his face! You can see his eyes…..before I touched up his face, they were almost hidden!

We went to a couple other stores, and by the time we got home, it was nearly 9:30. What a long day!