I Forgot to Mention….

Anyone who knows me well knows that I rarely sit still during the day. Sometimes I get to feeling like a gryroscope, spinning round and round.

Well, it is a rare day when I can actually sit down long enough to watch a movie. AND, you better believe it had better be GOOD if I am spending time like that!!! The other day, Ben gave me his I-Pod to watch a movie Mark had put on it. The name of the movie is I Am David.

If you are looking for a movie that the entire family can enjoy together without mom and dad turning red and fast-forwarding through stuff that is inappropriate, this is it. The movie is just so good and that is all I am going to divulge!

Funny Farm Visitors…..

This morning, as I was making my bed, I looked out the window and there was Mrs. Doe standing down in the woods. She was so pretty. So, I grabbed my camera and took some pictures. The quality is crummy because they were shot through my (dirty!) bedroom window. Drat.

It was only after I started to look through the viewfinder that I realized that Re, Mi, and Fa were following in the rear. I was unable to get the three of them together, as they were so scattered. They must be Mrs. Doe’s brood from last year, as they are rather small compared to her. It seems like the deer near us have twins or triplets all the time, as it is not uncommon to see a Doe with two or three younsters in tow.

The deer family graced us before the thunderstorm made its way through this morning. And, afterward, we were graced with yet MORE! wildlife.
This time, it was Tom Terrific (Turkey, that is!) And, oh MY what a show Tom put on. It was so hard taking pictures without busting into laughter….Tom came by with his…..ummm….harem? of NINE females. What a chauvinist!

Tom is in the center of the picture, along with four of his girlies. Once again, these pictures were taken through a window that was less than “stellar”. In other words, it was a MESS! Anyway, back to Tom…..

As if on cue, Tom spread out those tailfeathers and strutted his stuff! AND, as if that was not enough,

Tom must have thought we would like to see his posterior as well! He strutted about, turning around and around as he went. It was too funny to watch, but perhaps that is how he captured the hearts of his nine lady friends?

I was totally bummed by these pictures, not only because I took them through glass, but they are out of focus because I had been fiddling around with the dioptor adjustment last night, and thought I would “callibrate” it correctly this morning. Then, the wildlife began their show and I never got around to making the correction.

Then, there is this picture I took last night….

I had taken the Scottie boys out for their final constitution, and I grabbed the camera on the way out. The moon was so cool the way it kept coming in and out of the clouds. I (*tried*) to plant my elbows against the railing on the porch, but with two wild Scottie boys on two separate leashes…..well, you get the idea! Anyway, I thought this pictue might be a cool one to begin a mystery………………………..

Did anyone else get a kick out of Google’s silly April Fool’s joke this morning? Mark and I giggled and teeheed as we read about their new FREE broadband TiSP offer. Gads, methinks their humor is going down the toilet! hehehehe