Dad’s Home!

I am so happy….my brother Randy called this afternoon while he and my parents were on their way home from the hospital. My father was talking happily in the background and it just seems like all is right in the world once again!

Today was a research day online where I was reading and rereading information about digital SLR cameras. I was learning (or trying to!) about lenses and depth of field and focal length and f-stops and so on and so forth. Since I am not prone to being detail oriented, my poor head was beginning to feel like it was going to BURST!

So…I took a little jaunt into the woods with my little Olympus camera just to snap a few pictures. This morning, the little Scottie boys were so drawn to the tree in the center of this picture.

So, while they were safely inside the house, I squatted down and took a looksee…..

Well, no WONDER! Squirrely Nutkin has been hiding all kinds of goodies in there! Since I did this little “sneaky maneuver” while the Scotties were inside, I felt terrible and decided I had better head right back to the house.

On my way back to the house, I looked at my little garden in the front.What a pleasant surprise to see that my pretty hydrangea bush is waking up after its winter rest. I love this bush. My mom bought it for me and I think she must have picked the blue because it is my favorite color of all!

As I said, all is feeling so right in the Bristolwood…..

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  1. Great squirrel hideout! Lucy would have had that tree dug up had she gotten wind of that place. She’s such a digger. We have to watch her up to camp.. if we don’t she’ll have the place set up for land mines in about an hour!
    I wish I could offer some help on the SLR front. I’m so dyslexic that most of my photography schooling was more hands on learning than learning the proper termanology.

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