A Chilly But Beautiful Day!

Even though the temperature never reached beyond the 40 degree mark here today, it was a day full of bright sunshine…the kind of day that just causes your heart to sing with the anticipation of warmer days ahead!

As beautiful as it was outside, I had to stay inside most of the day, doing chores and all the stuff that needs to be done! However, later in the day, as the sun was beginning to set, I did get a chance to go outside for a little bit.

Ben and Murphy had a fun time playing tug of war with a stick on the lawn. I am not sure who won, but little Murphy looked so humorous carrying the big stick all around!

It is funny, but Ben has suddenly (or so it seems) grown taller than I am! It seems so weird when kids grow like that, but it would be a shame if they stopped growing! I think Ben is going to be pretty tall. If he is anything like a puppy, he has some growing to do to fit into his paws!

As the sun was setting in the west, the moon was so pretty in the eastern sky.

The sun was shining so brightly…it was hard to imagine that it would ever stop!

I like this picture of the moon. The tree on the right is a really cool shagbark hickory near the garage.

If you look closely at this picture, in the center top, you can see a bird sitting in the tree. I think it was a robin…it just sat up there and chirped and chirped. I think perhaps it was saying its evening prayers!

Ben’s maple tree he tapped must have yielded close to a gallon of sap today. I was in awe as Ben told me twice today that he needed to empty the little bucket. There was so much sap, and in watching it run, it almost looked like a spigot that wasn’t fully turned off!

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