Can This Truly Be March?

As I was loading pictures to share, I came across one I forgot to mention yesterday! (in my lengthy entry!) When we were at Sprague’s yesterday, my mom decided to spoil me by buying a bottle of liquid gold! (AKA, maple syrup!)

I also noticed that Carly made a comment on my entry yesterday regarding my wild youthful days of cooking syrup on the woodstove! I cannot believe that she would actually choose high fructose corn syrup over the genuine article!!! I love maple syrup and always have! Ah well, just means there is more for *me*!
I think I really need to take a look at pictures I took this time last year. I can hardly believe that my daffodils and tulips are up as far as they are….I thought they usually bloomed late in April or even May. Perhaps I am wrong, though…..
I think I planted these tulips well over ten years ago. They always were real “scraggly” and I was lucky to get one bloom per plant. There used to be an elderly German woman who lived down the hill and she told me you need to dig your tulips up every couple of years to break them up and also to replant them, as she was convinced they “migrate” deeper into the soil. I never did check to see if there was any information about that online, but these tulips couldn’t look any healthier! You can also see the columbines beginning to come alive in front of the tulips.

As I photographed these daffodils, I could see the swollen heads with a yellow tinge where flowers are developing. They are standing about 5 or 6 inches tall.

I shouldn’t even show pictures of this garden as I was supposed to dig it up and replant it last year, but it never happened. We have such a dilemma between the house and the garage. What do we put there? It is an area of about 14 feet by about 30 feet. I would love to put up a fence and a wooden walkway with plantings and some grass so the Scotties could play there, but I guess we are at an impass on how to accomplish everything we want to do!

As I was just soaking and enjoying the hot tub this afternoon, I noticed the lilacs are swelling up, getting ready to burst out their green leaves of spring!

I spoke to Carly early in the afternoon, and she said they had storms complete with heavy downpours pass through earlier in the day. It kept looking threatening here, but the rain never came.
I decided that if we were going to perhaps get rain today, I had better drain some of the water off the pool. While I was at it, the hot tub also needed to be filled a little. After filling it, I couldn’t help but climb in! It was a gorgeous day. The temperature climbed and climbed….all the way up to 70!
While sitting in the hot tub, I saw the moon!
As you can see. the sky was vibrant with color!

As I got out of the tub, these clouds began to roll in. They looked pretty harmless!

At about 8:30 this evening, the lightening began flashing and the thunderstorms began. I got myself all set up with a candle burning on the bedside table and my laptop all charged up! The rain is *pounding* on the roof of the house! But we are safe and cozy and dry!

Oh, and as a sidenote, Ben’s maple sap yield was about 3/4 of a gallon since last night.

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  1. Well, the truth is, I don’t even like maple flavoring…and the high fructose corn syrup stuff is nasty as well! I prefer my pancakes and waffles slathered in butter. Perhaps even a little of my home made apple butter…mmmm…with whipped cream on top…

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