Homecooking and Whatnot

Today was a busy day. Michelle had made plans to see a movie with her friend, Katie, and we had to drive them up to the theatre. We did some things around the house this morning, then had to get ready to go.

Michelle had risen early today, as she had some laundry to do…..She called me over to look at this particular load…does it go in the whites and lights, or darks?

After dropping the girls off, we went over to WalMart, as I needed to pick up a few things. As I was looking at meat, I noticed they had several packages that were marked down about 30%. I picked up some packages of chicken breast for only $2.36 a pound, a boneless leg of lamb, and some chuck roast. These aren’t things I normally buy, but as I mentioned in my last post, I am going to begin cooking for the Scotties once again. I have decided it really wouldn’t be that hard to make them fresh food. I also grabbed some sweet potatoes.

Upon returning home later in the day, I immediately put on a large sweet potato to cook. Then, I heated a skillet and added some olive oil and sauteed a clove of garlic in it. I added two chicken breasts and cooked them just until they were white all the way through. I mashed the sweet potatoes and shredded the chicken. I then mixed them together, adding a few blueberries and cranberries and ultra-finely shredded raw carrot. After everything was well-blended, I added a fish oil capsule.

As soon as I set this bowl on a carpet to take a picture, Murphy went bonkers, trying to get at it. While Angus has eaten homecooked before, Murphy has never had food like this before. I had to let it cool before serving, but Murphy was totally psyched. He followed me all around like a starving hound!

As I tried to get Murphy’s opinion on homecookin’, he just ignored me…..entirely! Perhaps Angus would have a few words to say regarding this meal?

Hmmm…..both boys were eating with gusto! And, after finishing their own food, they traded places just to make sure their “udderbrudder” had cleaned his bowl clean! Angus was kind of disappointed to see that Murphy’s bowl looked cleaner than usual after eating.

I am so glad the boys are both illiterate….I would hate for them to read the bottom of this bowl. They have never been called “d*gs” before…..they think they are “little boys”!

And, for the photo du jour, I had to giggle and laugh over this. When I was in my knitting mode a few years ago after we first got Angus, I decided to use my skill to make Angus a nice little Aran sweater. I had no pattern and not much of an idea how to fashion a sweater for a Scottie. So, I made it up as I went. Well, the little Aran sweater never really looked that great on Angus. It just looked “wrong”.

This morning, Michelle brought the little Aran sweater down and put it on Murphy……