What a Pretty Crescent Moon

When I took the boys out for their final evening “constitution” tonight, I was in awe of the wonderful celestial display. How beautiful all the stars…shining in all their glory. And the crescent moon is so pretty! So, I did something I could not do with my Olympus camera!

Yes, there is the moon shining through tree branches!

It was a relatively quiet day here in the Bristolwood. I did what seemed like tons of laundry today and cooked and cleaned. It was nice to not feel totally wiped out early in the day. And, I even cooked steaks out on the grill tonight!

This afternoon, I got a piece of very good news….Carly’s husband, Jeff got the job in Buffalo! I am so happy for them, as he will be doing much better at this job than he did in his previous job! The only “downside” to the good news is that I suppose Carly and Jeff and the kids will be moving in the not-too-distant future. It isn’t that far away, but I will miss doing things together. I am just so pleased that Jeff was able to find himself a good job!

I have been following the stories about the “tainted” pet foods. It was announced today that the cause was rat poison in the components the company bought from China. This is so awful, and in reading an article that was sent to one of my Scottie lists, the damage to pets might be long term for some of those not yet showing symptoms. It would have been so much more “palatable” to learn that the food was ruined because of bacteria. This new information just makes me question the wisdom of importing food stuff from abroad…..

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  1. What a great moon shot! I was out last night and thought it was one of the most beautiful nights we’ve had in a long time.
    Importing things helps keep prices low, but is it worth it in the long run? I worry when I buy food that’s marked as imported. Are our standards truely enforced overseas? What were the conditions in the plant if they needed rat poison? I shutter to think of all the imported oriental foods I’ve eaten *pleh!*

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