Satisfied Complacency

Well, it’s fact, we are all fallen, imperfect and sinful. In our hearts we have all had a record smeared with murder, lust, treason, hatred, vanity and even worse. If there is anything good in the heart, it wasn’t by our own doing. So in the church I think we’ve developed this mentality that we will always be forgiven because Christ is in our heart, so we can go and party from Monday till Saturday night, and then go to church Sunday morning and ask for forgiveness and it will all go away. Truth is, God WILL forgive you every time you ask Him, and there is no end to His forgiveness. But what have we become in this habit? We’ve grown to become complacent and hypocritical.

“No one’s pefect!” Sound familiar? You are right, no one is perfect, perfection is not achievable, but we cannot let that be our excuse to become dead to our relationship with Christ. Sure, I have screwed up in the past, but I can’t let that be my excuse to give up on trying to live for Christ. We can’t become so discouraged that we’ve already made mistakes that it retards us from pressing into God. No, perfection is not achievable, but we need to strive for it. We need to continually walk down this old and beaten path we call life, and even as the soft meadows call to us, we must keep our eyes on our destination, even with the chains of our past trying to keep us down. Jesus Christ is always there, and when it all seems hopeless, we can give up our own strength and rely on His. Don’t let imperfection be your excuse for complacency.

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