Addendum to Feeling Good!

How could I have possibly forgotten about the little “glitch” last night?

Mark and Ben and I arrived at Wegman’s a few minutes before Carly. We looked around at all the food (and they certainly have a wide variety) and decided the subs looked good. When Carly arrived, Ben went off into the store to pick up a bag of potato chips to go along with the sub.

Carly works at another Wegman’s as an overnight baker, so I asked her if she wanted to check out the bakery while we kept an eye out for Ben. Well, along the way, *something* felt like it landed in the back of my throat. It was one of those “featherduster-tickling” feelings. I suddenly (after being totally cough-free ALL day) broke out into a coughing rampage. You know the kind…where it feels as though you are gagging and choking all at once?

As I stood gasping for air, Carly asked if I was all right to which I responded, NO! I suddenly remembered that I had placed a can of Pepsi into my purse…..As I grabbed the can, I could “hear” the strains of the theme to the old Popeye cartoons when Popeye grabbed for his spinach can and poured it down his throat! (WHY do such GOOFY things happen when you feel like you are about to breathe your very last breath???)

I downed a small amount of the carbonated delight and let it “sit” in the back of my throat. It helped until I tried to say “it helped” and I began choking and gagging once again! By this time, tears (certainly NOT of JOY!) were streaming from my right eye and I felt so ridiculous. I downed a larger swig and this time, it did the trick. I walked around, not speaking, tears streaming from my right eye, feeling like such a basket case. Fortunately the only people nearby were Carly and Mark. If anyone else came near, I merely turned my back and walked away.

I guess each day as we count our blessings, we need to thank God that we do not choke on a regular basis!!! Perhaps even better, we must thank Him that we ARE fearfully and wonderfully made!

Oh, It Feels SO Good!

Yes, I am finally cough and cold FREE! Told you I wanted to be there by Thursday!

And, life is good! I am so happy that the Buffalo Sabres won last night! We were unable to watch the game…something seemed to be “hosed up” with our RoadRunner, but everything is working now. In fact, I was unable to get online last night as well.

Yesterday, I got up, feeling so much better than I have in quite a long time. I was able to stay “on my feet” the entire day without wandering off to lie down for awhile! What a huge thing that is!

Last night was Michelle’s Bible study night, and Mark and Ben went along with me. We met Carly at Wegman’s. We bought a couple of subs and a bag of chips and were able to just sit and chat for a long time. That was so refreshing.

Carly’s husband, Jeff, lost his job due to downsizing of a very small company…this happened right at the same time that he was suffering from a terrible case of bronchitis-on-the-verge-of-pneumonia! Carly has been anxious over this, as you can imagine. He was offered a job in Amherst, just north of Buffalo, and Carly is more nervous than a cat in a room full of rocking chairs. She would love to have him take the job, as one of her heart’s desires would be to move to Buffalo. She loves it there.

Last night as I plopped onto the bed to call it a night, the wind was blowing so hard! The trees were swaying and the temperature was almost 40! What a change! This morning, when I got up with the boys, the winds were still blowing (QUITE briskly) and the lid of the hot tub was lying on the back deck. No one was inside the tub, so it looks like those winds blew the cover off! This has happened before, but at least it wasn’t sub-freezing temps this time! The water had gone from 102 degrees to 98, so apparently, the lid hadn’t been off for too long!

As I walked the boys, I could actually hear birds singing in the midst of the wind blowing. What a cheerful sound that is! I could hear two phoebes off in the distance… would call out, then another would answer from another area. And, as I listened, my memory went back to so many years ago when Michelle was just a baby……I remember one day Mark and I walked out on the front porch on a spring day. Mark suddenly stopped and listened….”Listen, the birds are calling out to Michelle. Hear them? Swee-tie, swee-tie!” I will never forget that, as I thought that had to be one of the cutest things I had ever heard. Mark had NO idea *what* a phoebe even was!