Wow, That Was Easy!

Yesterday, I posted that I needed to just get *over* the cold thing. And, I think I HAVE! The coughing actually subsided today to the point that I am rarely coughing at all! I am so happy!

I had to run Michelle to the library this morning to pick up a book for language arts. As we scurried out the door, I thought it wasn’t too bad temperature wise. But, it was chilly and windy most of the day, requiring a fire in the stove.

Tomorrow, the weatherman is promising temperatures much higher than today! It is supposed to be in the 40’s and perhaps even reaching into the 50’s. I am so glad to be feeling better, but I am still kind of weak and lacking energy.

Today, when I was walking between the garage and house, I had to stop for a minute to look! The snow had piled up pretty deep in that last bout we had, but next to the house, it had begun “sagging”… apparently because of the warmth of the house. Look at my brave little tulip plants, peeking out from the snow!

If you are familiar with snow, you can see this is the “crunchy” variety!

After Ben finished his schoolwork this afternoon, he and Murphy settled down to watch a movie. I love this picture! Murphy could care less about what is on TV. Angus, on the other hand, watches intently. He loves seeing shows about animals, and gets very disturbed when watching shows with any form of violence. Murphy is just happy to be near someone he loves!

And, sorry…but I just had to include a picture of my silly cactus. I have finally come to the conclusion that it is….(drumroll…..) actually nothing other than a Holiday Cactus! It’s primary goal is to merely celebrate any and all holidays within reason! I wonder if it will bloom for the 4th of July?