Snow and Disappointment

How disappointed the kids were that they couldn’t go to Splash Lagoon last night, as they had been anticipating this outing since last November. We heard on the radio that the outing was being postponed because of the threat of a winter storm. Since folks would be traveling from all over New York and Pennsylvania, safety was more important than anything. We received a call later in the day to verify that the event was truly postponed.

In all honesty, I was relieved, as I now am in the final stages of this cold….coughing and causing my head to throb with each outbreak! For the past three mornings, the first thing I did upon getting out of bed was go to the medicine chest to get some ibuprophen. What a terrible way to arise!

The weatherman predicted a winter storm, and as of about 3 o’clock yesterday, we were wondering if the storm would take a turn and go elsewhere. Well, shortly thereafter, it began snowing and it never stopped! The snow was very dry and pellet-like. By this morning, when the boys and I went outside, the snow was up over their shoulders. Angus “hopped” through the snow, blazing a path for Murphy and me to follow.

It was just so gray and dismal outside the entire day. It is hard to imagine all of this snow after enjoying balmy temperatures in the 60’s just days ago. But, that is weather for you!!!

As the gloomy day unfolded, Mark and Michelle were cozy inside the garage! That third bay on the right goes all the way to the back of the garage, then turns to the left, forming a huge “L” shape. The back of the garage houses a year’s supply of firewood for both the house, and garage.

The remaining part of the garage is the “old” part that Mark built about 11 years ago. Last March, Michelle and I worked for three days, insulating the downstairs of this part. This now houses Mark’s emerging woodshop.

Mark had taken apart an old workbench he slapped together years ago. He and Ben then remilled the old boards on the planer, causing them to look just like new! He then redesigned the workbench so it will be comfortable working at it seated. In the middle of building the bench, he needed to build the base for his bandsaw. And, we had to disassemble the bandsaw and carry it down, piece by piece! (it has some very heavy cast iron parts!)

Mark was getting ready to assemble his “new” workbench when I suggested he poly it. He hadn’t really planned to do this, so he thought about it, and agreed it would preserve it and help keep it nicer. So, this morning, Michelle and I lifted the bottom onto sawhorses and she and Mark spent the better part of the day sanding and poly-ing the bench.

Mark was very surprised to learn that I had kept the fire burning through the night in the garage! When he came out this morning, it was a toasty 55 degrees! After stoking the stove a bit, it was as warm as the house! He and Michelle worked in total comfort.

After seeing just how nice the new workbench looks in its poly coat, Mark told me he is going to place it in the living room as a piece of furniture!

This little Jotul stove first served in the house for a few years. It really didn’t keep the house toasty warm, so when we bought a larger model, this little guy went out to the garage! It does a terrific job of keeping the temps warm inside when winds howl and snow blows outside!

All in all, it was a rather non-momentous day. Mark and Ben ran to Circut City after finishing up in the garage. Michelle and I remained home, and I had corned beef and cabbage awaiting when the guys returned.

Much snow moving was done today, and after this, I think I wouldn’t mind if it doesn’t snow any more this year. Even though our “winter” seemed short, there was a lot of shoveling and moving snow about. I think perhaps it is time now for some warmer weather!