Turning the Corner!


Last night, I went to bed feeling horrible. I was thinking I had a fever, but wasn’t real sure. I was sure that I felt like I was on fire! I watched a couple of episodes of House Hunters on HGTV, then went into the bathroom before going to bed. My face was totally bright RED! I thought, ah, just go to bed! So, I did.

This morning, when I awakened, I thought that I was feeling a bit better….I went out and soaked in the hot tub, thinking all the while that I surely would not want that and ice on the roof to come down on top of me! So, I crawled out of the tub and grabbed a hose. I sprayed the snow and a lot of it came down or melted. Then, the gutters were a mess. So, I grabbed a pair of rubber gloves and cleaned them out as far as I could.

After that, Mark and the kids were saying they were hungry…and, wouldn’t a sandwich like McDonald’s’ steak ,egg, and cheese bagel be good? So, I grabbed some ribeye steaks I bought the other day (sliced very thin) and grilled them outside. Then, I cut and buttered the bagels and grilled them on my cast iron skillet. I made some scrambled egg to go on each bagel, added a slice of cheese, then topped it with the ribeye. Mark likes his sandwich just like that, but for the kids, I mix mayo and dijon mustard and spread a little on their bagels. The sandwiches were a great hit! AND, I even (still) had enough energy to wash the dishes when everyone was done.

Then, I packed an order for the business. I am still a little bit tired, but it feels so good to feel better!