Sometimes Life is Unfair….

Like today when it is 44 glorious degrees outside, and I am here lying on my bed, head feeling so stuffed!!! When I breathe through my nose, it squawks like a “bad reed” on a clarinet. And, when I breathe through my mouth, I get this little noise that sounds like “effervescence”, IE, little “bubbling” noises in the back of my throat. In other words, I feel terrible and somewhat sorry for myself!

Mark is a good husband who has taken great compassion on me. He asked me if there is anything he can do for me, and I told him, YES, there is! In a little while he will drive 16 miles to pick up some Wendy’s chili, and then stop by Tim Horton’s to grab me a bagel. They sound so good to me…..homemade chili would really be terrific, but that would be pressing the envelope!

My little Murphy has been my constant companion through this misery. He keeps close tabs on me and following me whenever I tread out of the bedroom!

Since I am feeling dreadful and have not too many good things to say, I shall end now, and I pray you and yours will be spared from this! I hate being sick!

True Meaning In A Plastic World

We’re living in a plastic world. Everything is so breath-taking with its Hollywood charm and computer-enhanced edge. Our worth is measured with what we have, and what we have is never enough, some people make it their career to convince you that what you have isn’t “convenient” enough and your life would be better if you had what they are selling. We (and I’m talking for myself as much as any of you) spend more on one pair of jeans than we spend on food for a week! Sure, we’re good, but we can be great if only we had…

There is something so wrong with that. Why is it so hard to be content in a country where near anything is possible? We don’t have to ever be hungry, yet young girls are starving themselves to be more perfect. This is so wrong. America, why can’t you turn off your TV and wake up to what is happening, we need a revolution, we need a change. We are given freedom, yet we hold ourselves captive with our desires. Lets get back o what we really need. There are people half way across the world, in poverty and without appropriate food and clothing for their own families, who are happier than I am, sitting here having a coke and typing on my computer without a need in mind. They have peace, and it doesn’t come from what they’ve got in their wallet, no, they have found peace of mind through Christ.

One day its all going to be gone, our bodies will wear out and we will die and all the money and clothes and cars and all our lifes goals… they will all be to nothing… at that moment, when we draw our very last breath only one thing will matter, and only one name will be of any importance. Jesus Christ is all that will remain. So next time those designer jeans are calling, think about the investment you are making, not just with your money but also your time, will it mean anything in a few years? We were put on this earth for one reason alone, to carry the name of Christ to a world that is longing for fulfillment. I want to change, I want to set an example for others to follow, and I want to bring His hope to others around me, but I am trying in vein if I don’t put down my own pride and trust 100% in Him. We are content and fulfilled in God’s strength alone.