Under the Weather….

I spent most of today just feeling miserable. Yesterday, I spent the day lying on the bed and this morning when I got up, I was so sore! I had a pain in my hip that made it hard to walk. After wondering how to alleviate the pain, I decided to hit the hot tub. That did the trick! As soon as I got out, I was totally pain-free and felt fine (well, my hip, at least) the rest of the day. Now, if that tub could just get rid of this cold!

I don’t remember having a cold like this before. I was fine until yesterday, and now, I am coughing up crud. Usually, it takes days to get to this point….

Well, since I am miserable, I guess I shouldn’t post anything, but I had a rather funny thing happen a short time ago….

I was lying on the bed with the door closed. The sun was setting, and it was beginning to get dark outside. Suddenly, I heard a little scratching noise at the door. Then, it was followed by a funny little cry. I got up and opened the door, and Murphy scurried into the room!

I took this picture of Muphy earlier in the day. I suppose I shouldn’t even show it, as the carpet is a mess…just don’t have the energy to vacuum at this point in time. Anyway, this picture so exemplifies Murphy…..Here I am…and, what can I do for you?