Sprigtime Harbingers….

Yesterday, the kids had to go to the dentist for cleanings. Afterwards, we decided to stop by Sam’s to pick up a few groceries. As I walked into the store, something caught my eye!! Yes, they had a huge cart, filled with beautiful flowers! I bought the bi-color begonias for the porch.

And, for my mother-in-law, I picked up this really pretty Gerbera Daisy.

My mother-in-law absolutely loves these daisies. Mark asked me what the ocassion was for buying the daisy…I told him that I thought about his mom when I saw them! So, I bought one. They had yellow, pink, and orange. I thought the orange was rather unusual and stunning. Each plant is in a plastic pot placed inside a little metal pot. I am pretty sure she will like this orange one. Both the begonia and daisy are HUGE! I considered myself lucky on these finds!

It is kind of funny how when we are confined in a room, we suddenly notice things that we don’t usually see…such was the case of my “psycho Christmas Cactus”. Yes, it did bloom at Christmas, and I have NO idea WHY it is blooming yet again! I think it has MORE blossoms on it now than it did at Christmas. Silly plant! Oh, and as if that isn’t bizarre enough, there is another small Christmas Cactus next to that one that is ALSO producing buds….

Well, we never considered ourselves *normal* here….Yesterday, as Michelle and I were waiting in the truck for Mark and Ben, Michelle told me to “look” at Angus…..