Please Don’t Throw Tomatoes!

Yes, I know I have had my camera for a few days, and SHOULD have taken a gadzillion pictures, but….I have been so busy, and now I am not feeling so great. Ben had this “cold” thing, and now I am coughing from time to time, so I am not sure if I picked it up or not, but it is no fun coughing!!!

I decided that the easiest pictures to take would be outside, but that would be too easy, right? I do like this one of the little stream out front. It (finally!) found its way out from the snow shroud that covered it these past few bone-chilling weeks!

I decided to set the boys on the table to *try* to get some photos. HA! Angus works well with me and is so good at posing. Murphy, on the other hand, HATES being dressed and doesn’t want to do as told! So, I had to be content to photograph each one separately.

I must say that Angus, for one reason or another, refused to look directly into the camera…he looked to one side, then the other. I “think” it was because Murphy was watching. I honestly think Angus doesn’t want Murphy to know that he is a good boy!

This photo should be entitled, A Look Behind the Scenes!

My Angus is such a beautiful little fellow!

And, before I upload Murphy pictures, I need to tell you just a little about him. Angus is my “the glass is half-empty” fellow, but Murphy? Well, he could care less HOW much is in the glass, cause he is just HAPPY! Murphy is the little fellow that gets so excited as he plays, that every now and then he bangs into a wall! (who put that wall there, anyway?) Murphy is unlike a “typical” Scottie, in that when called, he bounces up to you, as though saying, “here I am! Here I am!!!”


I did manage to get this one picture of Murphy sitting upright. Can you see the look of dismay on his cute little Scottie-dog face?

Although I didn’t catch it, Murphy used that short little front paw of his to remove the silly little St Patty’s Day bopper! Enough of THAT! Well, since I *am* the Alpha-dog, I replaced the bopper and poor little Murphy put on his “poor, poor pitiful me” look……

So, these pictures were all taken with the new Nikon camera, and I was pretty pleased with them. I became acutely aware that using a new camera takes some major getting accustomed to it. Every camera is so different, and although I was able to snap a good picture with one hand on the Olympus, this Nikon is much heavier, and one really must steady the camera for a good shot. I also don’t have the diaptor adjustment set correctly, so I need to use my glasses, or the pictures are blurry.

So, at least this is a beginnng, eh?

The Fight

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Therefore take unto you the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand” Ephesians 6:12-13

Ephesians 6:12 seems to be another one of those clichés in the church. That verse comes up over, and over and over again, and I must have heard it a zillion times as a little kid (Remember the plastic swords and shields, our “spiritual armor”?). But to be honest it never really came any further than dress-up time, and when I did start to read into it when I got a lil older all I could see was this mystical Lord Of The Rings sort of world where if we gave into temptation and put on the ring, scary black riders on horses would come and stab me to death that night… I don’t know why my parents let me watch those movies… Well, I guess that’s a pretty good analogy for my 10-year-old-mind, however, I was still stuck in this mindset that “principalities” and “spiritual wickedness in high places” was something that I might never experience, I mean come on, how often do you get a chance like that to fight of demons in the spiritual realm? Right?
Wrong. Dead wrong. We are living in a state of being blind to the spiritual, every decision we make, every choice, every depression, every emotion. This is the spiritual, and I am pretty sure it looks absolutely nothing like Lord Of The Rings, there aren’t magical rings, but there are everyday temptations (lust, cheating, lying) and there is only one way to combat them, with God’s word. We are getting this so wrong guys, the spiritual world isn’t all so “spiritual”, there’s a difference between the powers the Bible talks about and DOOM III, the war we are fighting is constant and its ultimately against ourselves (the “sin nature” or the “old man” that we give up when we accept Christ.) So when we are making a choice, like whether you are going to cheat on a math test, we are in a fight! Satan wants you to fall into that sin and bring you further from God, and God is trying to give you the strength it takes to do the right thing. It is you fighting “against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places” , and this is what the fight looks like.

So now that we’ve identified who we are fighting and what it looks like, what do we do to win? Ephesians 6:13 says that we are to put on the full armor of God. Basically this means to be able to 1) know the truth that when faced with lies you will be able to defeat them 2) be righteous, or stand up for what is right so that when people try to speak against you they will have nothing to say 3) be prepared to defend the gospel, hiding God’s word in your heart so you will know whats right 4) and the Bible says that above all these, to have faith, faith that no matter where you are in your life God is always right by your side and you can only fight off the temptations and lifestyle of the world with His help 5) accept salvation, this obviously being the first step 6) finally, what do we use on the offence? The word of God. Over and over again we are told to hide God’s words in our heart, and this is why. We can’t LIVE for God if we don’t KNOW God! We have to know what He says about life and WHY He says it so when we come to making those decisions we will know what to say or do.

This realization can to me only a few days ago; I have always been dreaming about fighting a spiritual battle, I need to look around, I’m already in one. We need to open our eyes here, this isn’t just our lifestyle, its our fight.

The Music Is Returning!

This morning, I was so happy to see blue skies! After taking the boys out, I grabbed my swimsuit and plopped myself down in the hot tub.

I love sitting in the tub, as it is so soothing. But many times, I go out while it is still dark, because it is fun to turn on the lights in it. This morning, the sky was already blue at 6:30 and I drank in its beauty as I soaked. There were some clouds high in the sky, and it was obvious that the southerly winds that will warm up this day had not yet begun! There was a definite northwesterly flow.

As I sat, I suddenly realized that I was hearing something *different*! Yes, the birds were singing! One of my friends in the Syracuse area said she has been hearing birds for some time now, and I was getting green with jealousy! As I listened, I heard chickadees. I turned to see two pairs, flitting about in the treetops, looking as though they might be courting…I saw nuthatches running up and down the trees, and heard a phoebe, then another answered from afar! A little junco sat on the bank behind the garage.

Today, we are supposed to warm up to freezing or above! Hurrah! Even though I do love the winter and the cold doesn’t bother me as much as some others, it sure is nice to see some bright blue skies and sunshine! The stove can breathe a little sigh of relief as well. And, who knows? I might even clean the chimney!