This morning, I awakened about 5:45 to a beautiful morning. I was so psyched! Perhaps I would finally get to the basics and do a little picture-taking with the new camera. NOT!

I got online to download email. One little, two little, three little orders, four little, five little, six big orders….As I looked at all the orders, it became obvious that I was going to be spending a great deal of time working on them. That was no big problem, but in the midst of packing orders, I nearly stumbled and fell on a goofy little piece from Ben’s Brio train set! I got so frustrated, I spent about an hour and a half trying to pick things up and straighten them out in my non-work area of the basement.

I worked like a crazy woman (so what is new? hehehe) getting things in order and Michelle got a call from one of the ladies who oversees the Bible study she attends. Michelle has been helping with the worship before the study, and the woman wanted to know if Michelle could come a little early. She asked, and I told her yes.

Yikes! Mark and Michelle went out to the garage to put the little Jotul stove out there back together again. Michelle came into the house and asked if I was ready to take her…..if only I would have had my camera in hand then. She had leaned against the chimney pipe while helping Mark, and she had a big smudge of black around her eye….it was the epitome of the expression, “black eye”! I told her she might consider washing her face before leaving. She traipsed off to the bathroom where hysterical laughter soon followed!

I had just completed packing when she came in, so I was off again, racing about in fast forward! As I sat in the car, I was almost fearful I was going to fall asleep! I didn’t, however, and I safely dropped Michelle off.

I then decided if I didn’t take a break, I WOULD break! So, I dropped into Wegman’s and grabbed some Chinese and a Pepsi. I ate a very leasurely dinner all alone at my little table, and it was heavenly! Even in the midst of lots of noise and chaos, I was able to take refuge and just enjoy….I spent about an hour perched at one of those bistro tables and I was just so happy to relax that I nearly forgot to think about what I needed at the store!

After my terrific meal, I shopped a bit, picking up the oh-so-important corned beef round! And cabbage. Heaven forbid I should forget the cabbage!

Upon completing my Wegman’s excursion, I meandered my way to TJ Maxx. I found some cool things there….I always do! Then, I hopped over to WalMart to pick up a few more things. While there, I chatted with Carly on my cell for awhile. I dawdled about the store, trying to kill some more time….finally it was time to check out and pick up Michelle and head home.

We got home shortly after 9, then there were groceries to put away, dishes to wash, and I needed to get the fire going again in the stove. I went upstairs at about 10:15, and I am exhausted! My legs hurt from standing so much today! I have no idea what the weather is going to be like tomorrow, but I am hoping that I will finally get some pictures to post!

Tonight’s orders…get some sleep!