This was another one of those very loooonnnnngggg days!

Mark has set up my laptop so I can connect with another computer to watch TV on it. This is so nice, as I rarely have time to sit still. I really only enjoy watching HGTV….especially the home buying and selling shows. I love seeing glimpses into the way other folks live! So, last night, I watched a couple of shows before turning in for the night at about 10:30.

I was up again at 4:30. Since I let the fire die out all the way last night, it was a bit chilly this morning, so the first thing I did was build a fire in the stove. As that was burning, I went to the kitchen and washed all the dishes. Then, I awakened Mark shortly after 5, as he had to shower and get ready for a DR appointment.

I washed two loads of laundry, then packed some orders to ship out today. As soon as the boxes were labeled, I was off to shovel the snow off the paths around the house, and the sidewalk. Then I had to salt so Mark wouldn’t have to worry about falling on the ice! I reloaded the stove, then dressed, and we were off for Mark’s 9 am appointment. By the time we got to the office, I was getting so sleepy! As I sat in the waiting room, I was concerned I was going to fall asleep in the chair and roll off onto the floor……but, luckily, that didn’t happen!

After Mark’s appointment, we rushed off to Tractor Supply. Yes, we bought the SAME bolts and washers that I previously purchased at Lowe’s. The total before tax was $2.76, as opposed to the $10.82 (also before tax) I paid at Lowe’s. Call me cheap, but I was a little distraught over this BIG discrepancy.

From Tractor Supply, we went to the post office, then grabbed a little something at McDonald’s for breakfast. I got the CinnabitesYOUSAS!!! Are those SWEET? That *should* have awakened me, but nope…I was still so tired.

We went straightway to Mark’s other appointment. This was at the dentist, about 30 miles from the DR appointment. Mark parked in the underground parking lot. Although I am quite claustrophobic, I welcomed the quiet and darkness, because it just so happens I can stretch out across the seat. Which I did….I closed my eyes, and within minutess, I was asleep. Suddenly, I was rudely awakened by the sound of a LOUD vehicle which sounded as though it was in the cargo area of the truck! I sat up, and there, perhaps all of a FOOT away from my window, sat a man with a somewhat startled look on his face. Mark parks in the handicapped spaces, as he is…..well, quite handicapped. I was so put out that this man had to park so close, but I turned my back to him! He went away, and upon returning, he just stood behind the truck, as though looking for/at something. That was so strange….Mark finally came out after about an hour.

Off we headed to Henrietta for some shopping. We made several stops and as we were about ready to start for home, I asked Mark if we might check out some cameras at Circuit City. I have been “lobbying” for a new camera for a time now….I have wanted a DSLR. Mark kept quizzing me why and he said I couldn’t come up with any really GOOD reasons. hehehe Well, he was checking out all of the econo-buster cameras, and then he tried out a Nikon D-80. Oh my! If only I could have captured HIS excitement.

On the way home, Mark talked about the camera….he finally said that there are no words that can really convey the difference between point and shoot and DSLR’s. He was very impressed, to say the least. So, we shall see….

We finally arrived home at 6:30. I was so tired, but had a few things to do. I sat down to watch a hockey game with Mark and immediately fell into a deep slumber. Mark woke me up, telling me perhaps I might want to go to bed! I love running around a little but this was one very long day!

Oh, and yes….ONE of our stops was at Lowe’s, where I took back the pricey bolts and washers!