Winter Can Make People Weird!

Well, it can make husbands weird! I have proof!

Mark has always been a very conservative, forward-thinking human. I mean, he isn’t real excitable like I am….

So, here is the proof that winter has, perhaps, made him a little “funny”.
  • If you know me, you know that I have two Scottie boys, Angus and Murphy
  • Angus is an exceedingly food-driven Scottie
  • Are you ready for this?

This is a picture of a basic Canidae “break apart” biscuit. It is made with human-grade food. It is very enticing to a food-driven Scottie dog ….

This is a very long box that arrived via UPS to our home a couple of days ago. It measures about 7″ wide, 5″ tall, and 50″ long. A snowbrush for the truck arrived in said box.

Mark looked at the box, and, being the “forward-thinking” person I mentioned before, he decided to recycle the box. Hmmmm…..what would fit into this box? AHA!

Mark breaks off a piece of the delicious, delectable biscuit, and lobs it into the box…to the very end…..

Angus contemplates…..piercing holes into the box while deciding….to go, or, not to go? Poor little fellow….this decision-making is quite stressful to a little boy who stands only 10″ tall…..

Angus glances down the length of the box….Tis a long way to Tipperary……

After carefully and thoroughly considering his options, Braveheart Angus squats low, and begins the rigorous trip all the way to the end of the box….where he crunches away on the biscuit, then, slowly backs up….notice the tail…..

And, Mark, in all his glory, smiles and asks why would anyone need special agility equipment?

Me? Well, I am more stable in this weather….I just take pictures and enjoy myself…..

Little squirrely feet I found this morning in the snow….OK, so perhaps I am getting just a “tad” stir crazy……….

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  1. I saw some great tracks the other day until I found out from a neighbor that they belong to a coyote that they watched walk around the houses!! Boxes make the best dog toys… I just hate picking up the mess when our dog gets done playing with them.

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