No More Spring Fever!

Not here, anyway! The Polar Express has decided to return and the wind is merciless out there!

Carly and I had made plans to take the kids snowtubing today. It was funny, because as we spoke last week about sledding, we both thought of this place! It is called Polarwave Snowtubing.

We arrived around 11:45, and the kids tubed for two hours. Carly and I stood around watching the kids before we wondered *why* we were standing there in the freezing temps with the wind beating the tar out of us! We decided to retreat to the lodge to warm up! The kids were well-behaved and there was no reason for us to freeze!

I brought my camera, but the darn thing decided to act up. Apparently, the poor camera suffered from the stiff winds as much as we did! I was so disappointed I didn’t get any good pictures, but suffice it to say the kids had a ball!

After our excursion, we stopped at a Pizza Hut and enjoyed the warmth as much as the food! Mark and I had planned to do some shopping afterwards, but I was so chilled-to-the-bone, I didn’t think I would ever warm up again. There was also the problem of wet “fannies”! The kids found that in sitting in the tubes, the snow would melt, making their derrieres quite wet! Oh, I did manage to get a good picture of one of the tubes….

After watching for a little while, I wished I would have had Carly buy me a ticket…it sure looked like fun, and all the people tubing never seemed to notice the cold!

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