That Funny Thing Called Food….

I got to thinking about food today, and how funny it is that when we are tired and don’t feel so great, we are more apt to eat junk. When the world is looking grand and we are on top of our game, we adore cooking!

When I went to the (non-event) Christmas Craft Show at the community for seniors in November, I ran into a couple I have known for many years. As I spoke to the husband, he made a comment that they disliked the place because they were served only one meal, and it happened to be dinner. Sheldon commented that Annie has always made their large meal midday. She is from France, and that is how it was done there!

I have never quite understood *why* we eat a large meal only a few short hours before retreating to bed. And, to make matters even *worse*, how often do we get up and work off that large dinner meal?

With another warm day today, I decided to make a big lunch…Mark and I used to order the greatest chicken years ago at a restaurant. Mark is very fond of Buffalo style chicken wings, but realizes they are laden with fat! At the restaurant, we ate chicken breast that was coated in Buffalo wing sauce. It was served with bleu cheese dressing on the side.

Since this is one of Mark’s favorites, I decided to grill the chicken outside. I also had a huge bag of Normandy style veggies…broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, zucchini, and yellow squash, that I had purchased at Sam’s Club. I made up a batch of Butter Rolls to go along with the meal and also scalloped potatoes. While the chicken cooked on the grill, I steamed the veggies on the side burner of the grill.

All of the sides took much longer to prepare than the chicken! I buy my chicken from Sam’s as well…it is Tyson and says that no hormones are used. The breasts are all
thin and cook very quickly. When they are nearly done, I drizzle the sauce (Buffalo hot wing for Mark and me, and barbeque for the kids) onto a heated skillet, and allow it to bubble up. As it bubbles, the sauce will thicken. Then, I swirl and coat the chicken thoroughly. Yum!

This is Mark’s and my meals…..

And barbeque sauce for the kids! This meal was so well-received, I am going to be hard-pressed to “produce” tomorrow!

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  1. AH HA! I thought I smelled someone grilling the other day… it was YOU!! lol Our grill is snow bound in the back yard in hip deep winter!

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