Yet Another FUN Day!

Or, NOT!

After posting about taking the refrigerator apart the other day, what could possibly top that? How about emptying and cleaning the hot tub? hehehe

It really wasn’t THAT bad, but I should have read ALL of the instructions before cleaning the tub surface! I have never had the need to clean the tub before as I have always maintained a “perfect” balance. The last time I filled the tub, however, the testing chemicals I used were faulty, so I ended up with some residue on the surface. It didn’t really seem like “scale” as it readily cleaned off! However, when I looked at the “active ingredients”, I guess I should have donned rubber gloves for the phosphoric acid. I did thoroughly rinse the tub and my hands afterward!

After the vigorous cleanup and refill, I gathered a water sample and ran off to the pool and spa store to have an analysis done. No more guesswork here after that last fiasco!

Along the way, I had to stop and watch the skiers for a minute….ah, beautiful springlike conditions, as the temperature topped out at 42 today!

Of course, even though we enjoyed the warmth today, the reality of the fact that it really is still winter can be seen atop the wagon sitting out on the side of the house!

After my visit to the pool and spa store where I received a computer printout suggesting all of the (expensive) chemicals I need to add, I decided to go to the head of the lake to see what it looks like now.

Yes, it is quite frozen, and the poor ducks and geese have found a tiny little area of water that is moving quickly enough that it doesn’t freeze over! This is the same spot that I photographed the noisy geese on a couple of weeks ago. That was before the cold snap, and the water was all open!

I am so happy to have my little hot tub all balanced now! The temperature is rising from the 49 when I filled it, and tomorrow morning, I will add the recommended chemicals.

As I made my way to the house, I came upon this paw print….it belongs to my little Angus!

And, speaking of Angus…he is my little adventurer…NEVER will he miss a ride in the car! When he saw me getting ready to go out this afternoon, he anxiously jumped around my feet until I finally caved in and snapped his leash onto his harness!

After taking the geese pictures, I decided to just sit by the lake and relax a few mintues. Well, Angus suddenly became aware that mice have been in the Explorer! He looked as though he was going to pull the front dashboard off, opposable thumbs, or NOT! He made the funniest noises as he worked his way across every inch of the dashboard, sniffing out the rodent aroma! I enjoyed his antics to the point that I forgot WHY we were sitting next to the lake!

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  1. Cool photos! 🙂 Thanks for sharing those with us. It was about 40 degrees here in Albany today! I almost broke out my shorts. 🙂 Ohhh, I’m envious … how I wish that we had a hot tub!

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