Spring Fever?

Yesterday was a busy day, getting the driveway all plowed and cleaning off the sidewalks and porches. The back deck has had a “coating” of snow about 2 inches deep. It drives me nuts walking over it, but try as I might, it just refused to budge!

Well, this morning, when I took the boys outside, I was shocked! Who turned the HEAT on? It almost felt as though there was a warmth coming from “somewhere” unknown! The boys romped about, Angus rolling all over on the snow on the driveway. Both boys looked like “spring fever” had struck…

I went back in and looked at the thermometer…it was about 32 degrees at 6am! I immediately grabbed a shovel and began unearthing the back deck. Hurrah! Much of the snow is now removed, and the remaning ice will be removed later, as I can see the edges melting.

Back to yesterday…we went out to have my front driver side tire repaired. It has had a very slow leak in it for the past several days. Mark suspected ice had done something to the bead on the tire. Well, after inspection, the guys at the garage found nothing wrong with it, and repaired the mount. Apparently, Mark was correct in his assessment.

After the tire repair, we went to Applebee’s to have our Valentine’s dinner out! We enjoyed a tasty dinner…and I enjoyed no dishes to wash!…

We took the Explorer to a “laser” carwarsh. The poor thing had so much gunk built up on the running boards! We paid a hefty $9.00 for the wash. Upon leaving, I felt so disappointed. The back of the Explorer was still filthy, and the running boards were still filled with salty sandy “gunk”. I decided to use some tokens I had and I manually removed the filth from the back and running boards. We decided not to pull the Explorer into the garage last night, as it wasn’t supposed to snow. This morning, when I saw it sitting in the driveway, I thought it looked like it belonged to someone else! It looks so nice! All that salt and dirt made it look so sad!

Although I would just as soon spend the entire day outside playing, I have lots of things I need to do in the house today.

For those who have grown winter-weary, I hope this little break in the cold will certainly lift spirits, and give cause for hope for the fast-approaching spring. This year is going by so quickly….I remember “just” hanging the new calendar for 2007, and March will soon be here!

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  1. I’m glad we’re getting a litte brake in the snow. The guys broke both snowblowers on Saturday. One just needed a belt and it’s fixed now, but the bigger blower is in need of some welding. The bigger blower is the one we really need because the smaller one won’t throw the snow up over our high banks anymore. We’ve reached out bank limit! LOL

  2. *raises hand shyly* That was me, I turned up the heat….I just had to Kae.

    I took our van to the car wash today and it didn’t look a whole lot cleaner either.

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