Oh, I Am So Tired!

Yesterday was Ben’s birthday, and he wanted to have a party. Michelle has had a few parties, but Ben never had one before. So, we agreed he could have one today.

The kids worked on this party for the past few weeks, buying goodies and preparing for the day. I let them do the planning and such, as parties are just not my cup of tea….I have never been too excited about parties, although I guess I have enjoyed going to many!

Ben decided on a small party with just a few kids. We were fortunate to get the snow we did, as the kids enjoyed sledding and just playing in the snow! Michelle brought down her laptop and hooked up her speakers…YIKES! Such music and so LOUD! I nust be getting old, because all the noise and excitement has caused me to feel so exhausted tonight. And, my poor legs hurt from standing!

The good news is that the kids had fun, and me? I will sleep like a LOG tonight!!!!